Thousands are rallying in front of the Statehouse – but we’re hearing it’s nearly empty inside. No one is being allowed to enter the building and flyers are being passed out urging citizens to call John Kasich and Senate President Neihaus to tell them to “open up the Statehouse NOW.”

Update: A Capital Square Review and Advisory Board spokesperson is telling reporters that the decision to keep people out of the Statehouse came from the Department of Public Safety. In other words, the Kasich administration. If you’d like to reach out to the Governor, call his office at (614) 466-3555 and if they don’t answer, try the constituent hotline and make sure they record your complaint (614) 644-4357. And if you feel like it, touch base with Director Charles at the Department of Public Safety (614) 466-3383.

We’re hearing legal actions are also being taken. Don McTigue is rumored to be filing on behalf of concerned citizens, petitioning AG DeWine to open the Statehouse. If he does not comply a lawsuit will be filed asking for immediate relief.

Update 2: After a press conference by House and Senate Democrats and the threat of a lawsuit, the Statehouse doors have been opened and protesters have been allowed to come inside. We’ll leave the phone numbers up in case you still feel like sharing your thoughts with the administration on how this was handled, but it sounds as though the situation’s been improved.