While regular Ohioans who traveled across the State to be heard by their elected legislature were locked out of the Statehouse and left outside in freezing temperatures apparently due to a decision by the Ohio Department of Public Safety or one of its agencies, Republicans were being wined and dined in the Statehouse basement.  (Image source: Stand Up for Ohio)

Is this what Thomas Charles, Director of Public Safety was trying to prevent regular Ohioans from seeing?  Elected Republicans dining with lobbyists.

Meanwhile outside, the locked out Ohioans broke out in song and sang “God Bless America”

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  • They still expect G-D to care? Don’t they know G-D IS MAMMON

  • pragmatic67

    I most certainly support the cause and appreciate the update, but good Lord man, learn how to proof read!

  • Dave Abus

    What was on the menu for fatcat GOP legislators?

    Did someone say, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.”?



  • Kmason Coxe

    My 6 and 4 year old grandchildren that their parents pay taxes and salaries of those who were inside nice and warm were outside in the freezing cold temperatures. Certainly there are other ways to balance your budgets than to penalize generations for your past mistakes

  • Pparsonsjr

    The definition of “disgusting” Horrible future for America.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless..holding a reception for lobbyists yet not allowing citizens in the building? Total BS.

  • Only

    wow instead of being a ass post a correct version if you are so smart

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