This is actually on Governors’ YouTube channel.  Bill Hemmer, of Fox News, apparently hasn’t done the whip count in Ohio.  Again, you could fire every State employee or force them to work for free, and the savings towards the deficit is negligible.   This isn’t collective bargaining “reform.”  It’s a partial repeal of it entirely.

He claims this is about “job creation” in order to make Ohio competitive with Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  You know “right to work (for less) States.”  Ohio already had the stage set for economic growth.  Kasich is upsetting that recovery with this nonsense.

I laugh every time I hear Kasich talk about the ingredients of a “successful business.”  This is a man who’s entirely adult life has been spent mostly suckling at the government teat, except for when he cashiered his Budget Committee gavel for a job at Lehman Brothers… that then went bankrupt.  He’s a political science major.  He thinks the eight years he spent playing Wall Street executive somehow made him an actual businessperson.  It’s a crock.

You don’t need to get rid of the right of collective bargaining to balance the budget.  And what’s ironic is that for all the talk about giving cities and local governments “more flexibility” SB 5 gives State managers far more leverage at the bargaining table than it does local governments.

Nobody, not the Governor, not the Legislative Service Commission, not Shannon Jones, nor the Buckeye Institute has even come up with a figure for the claimed “savings” of this bill.

But I’m still blown away by the sheer hypocrisy that is Kasich.  He gave his closest political aides massive raises.  More than they’ve ever made or their counterparts.  He still claims he was the “chief architect” of the 1997 budget.  And yet, Clinton is largely viewed to have bested Kasich in every budget battle, leading to Kasich essentially cowering to Clinton by 1997.  And those government shutdowns lead to the Republicans to lose seats in Congress.

So, now Kasich goes on Fox News and says we have to do this for the budget deficit, even though the savings (to the best anyone can calculate it is) is rather small.

The budget reality is that turning the public sector into a “right to work” (for less) State just simply isn’t going to create the kind of savings Kasich needs to repeal the income tax like he wants, nor is it going to have a significant impact of lowering government revenues enough to lead to any meaningful economic growth.  It’s all a red herring.

In fact, one could argue that creating national stories about social unrest between the State and organized labor could have a greater negative economic impact on the State as it discourages employers to consider expanding in Ohio if the local economy there is about to become disrupted by labor unrest.

We can’t cut our way to prosperity (even Kasich concedes this), nor can we build a strong economy future in this State by racing to the bottom on taxes, workplace and environmental regulations, and labor rights.  

Kasich’s entire political philosophy seems to be based on the soundness of your “take your pick” fad diet.  You can rationalize it all you want, but it simply doesn’t work.  No economy has ever become prosperous by hurting the middle and working class.  That’s what this bill does.

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  • Coleman

    The saddest thing about it all is that it is mindlessly parroting and actually lying to all viewers about this issue. Check it out:

    Texas unemployment: 8%
    Tennesse unemployment: 9.1%
    North carolina unemployment: 9.8%
    South Carolina unemployment: 10.9%
    Mississippi unemployment: 9.7%
    Alabama unemployment: 8.9%
    Georgia unemployment: 10.2%
    Florida unemployment: 11.6%
    Nevada unemployment: 14.6%

    And then:
    Ohio unemployment: 9.3%
    Mass. unemployment: 8%
    New York unemployment: 8.2%
    Pennsylvania unemployment: 8.1%
    Illinois unemployment: 8.8%
    Wisconsin unemployment: 7%
    New Jersey unemployment: 8.7%
    Michigan unemployment: 12.9%
    California unemployment: 12.3%
    Minnesota unemployment: 6.8%
    Maine unemployment: 7.5%
    New Hampshire unemployment: 5.3%

    The argument that unionization is an impediment to job creation is a complete and utter lie.

  • “[sic] Cincinnati has lost 40% of it’s population since 1950. That’s 10% a year” ????? WTF? Is he dumb?

  • jason

    Isn’t kind of a key to job growth and job creation maintaining a base of young, educated potential employees? And when you slash funding for the public sector, much of which is made up of teachers, doesn’t that inhibit the base of young, educated potential employees?

    Attempting to destroy the teachers’ unions will effectively destroy the educational system in the state. You’d think that we’d have learned our lessons from a few administrations previously that a disabled educational system brings despair, not prosperity. You would also think that we wouldn’t have even needed to have learned that lesson, as it’s common sense.

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t care, Jason. What you say is absolutely true, but he was clear during the campaign that he despises Ohio’s public school system. It seems like he sees the money allocated by the state to educate kids as a potential profit center for his friends, not a resource to be used to more effectively educate. He seems eager to turn the state’s educational dollars over to his friends who run dismal for-profit charter schools that I don’t see him rushing to send his daughters to.

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  • Kasich’s desire to dumping collective bargaining is about the laziness of elected officials who are in a position to lead democratically but really just want to wield and consolidate power, some of which they are happy to try and wrest from those who clearly have less than they do. The electeds trying this have no interest in negotiating – they want only to implement their own vision and want to eliminate the democratic tools intended to even the playing field – so that we DO have democracy.

    Bottom line: John Kasich just doesn’t like democracy very much when it means he does not have total power to do what he wants. Sadly, this isn’t news and his narrative from the start has been this storyline.

  • Very true, Jill. This is not about the budget and never has been. That’s a ruse to get the wingnuts in line and to try to persuade indies. Krugman has a great piece today about how this is a power grab and not about the budget shortfall in WI.

    Same thing here. Methinks John and his buddies are in for a rude awakening. Me also thinks I would not like to be a GOP Prez contender right about now staring at an energized labor movement.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, David, I’ve become so desensitized to his insanity that I completely missed that. Sixty years, not forty, and a huge statistical fallacy, too.

  • Well yes, he is.

  • When he talks about making Ohio competitive, he brings up right-to-work states. Like hell that isn’t what is coming next if this boondoggle SB5 passes.

  • DanLewis

    How many votes did Kasich win by? Around 11,o00? I want to wring some necks right now. About 11,000 plus one, to be exact. I don’t care about the people who came out and voted for Kasich, because they are lost: they’ll vote Republican no matter whose name is next to that R. The necks I want to wring are the people who got off their butts in 2008 and did great things, then stayed home in 2010. And they all have some excuse.

    Listen folks, if you concede the ballot box to the Boomers, you’re going to get Boomer leaders and Boomer policies. Get off your arse! It takes 5 minutes to vote.

    Apologies to you open-minded Boomers. You are a rare dish..

  • Anonymous

    He’s dumber than the many public employees he’s demonizing but not as dumb as his loyal followers who put this clown into office.

    With this impressive ignorance of basic math, it’s hard to believe he was chairman of the House Budget Committee. Must have had a good staff (of lazy public employees).

  • Anonymous

    If SB 5 passes in any form, workers compensation will be the next thing to go. And that will result in even more people leaving Ohio.

    Way to go, Johnny K.

  • Coleman Kane

    Kasich math:

    60 * 0.10 = 0.40. That’s how he’ll solve the budget crisis! We are all just using the wrong math!

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I am so tired of his job creation stuff–$8 and $9 a hour jobs will put folks at a job — but it still wont pay the bills and with no unions thats all they will ever make .
    my kid worked 3 different jobs last year and didnt make $9000 and she was told today by some tax guy that was pretty good
    I wanted to ask him if he was Kasichs brother !

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    well Coleman you have to use the “Lehman Brothers math ” lol
    isnt he a trip — a trip to a far off land !

  • wonderfully written. thank you. hopefully some of the republican senators will realize that voting for this bill is their “‘budget shut-down” and that if they want to preserve their seats in the senate they have to vote no, stop this plan, sit down with union leaders and come up with something that doesn’t destroy Ohio’s economy.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Thats a great thought and most normal people would look at it this way — but we are talking about a new group of bullies —
    people(a party) that have the votes needed and they know it —
    those that oppose will fall to party pressure and redicule —
    yes we will have a voice in May and Nov.and they think we will forget –I wont!
    most people do not understand this is just the start of taking away more rights and forcing you to come around to their way of thinking
    threats will abound — they already have a house bill thats due for hearings for poeples overtime.
    I am telling you now this group of bullies want you to work for minimum wage no benefits and no retirement and work until you die
    sounds a little like a third world country doesnt it
    ( look at what the middle eastern countries are fighting for — all the things collective bargaing and unions use to be able todo –until 10 days ago)
    all I have to say is time is getting short
    PLEASE write your senators and congress people ask them to NOT take rights away from us — remind them we are out here watching how they vote
    and my heart felt thanks for the senators in Wisconsin who had the guts to demostrate a sit “out” for their people

  • Annekarima

    The thing about Texas is, it has “fees” instead of taxes. Emissions fees and you had better get your vehicle checked every year for that emission test. If you don’t pass it look out! On top of that, you pay to have your vehicle safety inspected every year too. And there are toll ways where plain old highways used to be. However, there was a train downtown if you wanted that sort of transportation. It didn’t go anywhere except downtown. And occasionally it did collide with the buses which provided excellent transportation.

  • Anonymous

    Are you actually saying we need to pass SB 5 so we can start outsource State government jobs overseas?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like that’s what he’s saying. Just another clueless Republican.

    Seems to me that there’s an ORC section that precludes that from happening. But we both know how well Johnny K obeys Ohio laws.

  • Gary Ruppert

    The fact is, this is correct. If you can’t compete you don’t eat. If you have priced yourself out of the global marketplace, you are a useless eater and are of little use to hard working Americans like myself except as protein and water to be reclaimed.

  • Anastasjoy

    Well, as an attorney and small business owner, I predict he’ll be declaring bankruptcy in a few years when there’s no one left to engage his services or buy from his business. He’s not a millionaire now, but he’s not going to be able to buy food soon. He thinks people with MBAs – and lawyers like himself – should make $6 an hour with the cost of living in the U.S.? Good luck with that one! I hope he’s the first to get down there.

  • Anastasjoy

    I don’t know what you mean by “Boomers.” I think that was a movie about a dog. If you are flogging those generational myths, start flogging young people — they didn’t vote.

  • Anastasjoy

    I don’t know what you mean by “Boomers.” I think that was a movie about a dog. If you are flogging those generational myths, start flogging young people — they didn’t vote.

  • pragmatic_one

    So basically you are saying we need to make Chinese or Indian wages or we don’t eat. The problem is, if we made Chinese or Indian wages we wouldn’t eat anyway. Or be able to pay rent.

    We would, in fact, be a nation of destitute wage slaves begging the few people who live in mansions for food. Oh wait, that’s kind of your version of a utopia isn’t it?

    Your’e wrong, Gary. And no amount of thinly veiled Internt Tough Guy threats by you is going to change the fact that you are wrong and clueless as to what has been going on around you.

  • pragmatic_one

    This bill will save no jobs.

    The number of state jobs has been shrinking anyway and the pay has also been shrinking. This has not led to job creation.

    Referring to labor as a ‘commodity’ shows a certain amount of inhumanity on your part. In your world American workers are no different than pork bellies or frozen concentrated orange juice. If that attiutde continues to prevail, then that is what people will actually become – commodities. I think your statement is a perfect indictment of the way the U.S. has chosen to approach globalization and how it reduces human beings into tools and units of consumption.

  • Anonymous

    I do not think the US is the only country that views globalization this way, heck we could live in China, then we all really would be commodities, or worse yet, slaves, but that is for another day.

    From a practical point, what do you recommend doing about globalization. Note that while, the government could institute protectionist polices limiting trade and the globalization of business, it would economically relegate the US to a second tier nation since the capital would flow to countries that did not freely restrain trade. The US would be poorer in this scenario and everyone’s stanard of living would suffer and the middle class would be effectively poorer on a global scale than what they currently are.
    I think that essentially, inertia is leading us down this path and to stop it would do more harm than good. However, if you have any particular ideas, about what you would do, I am all ears

  • Dwhite105

    Does anyone know if Kasich’s father, as a postal worker, was ever apart of a union?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, he was. Kasich even references it in the interview as evidence that he doesn’t hate unions.

  • Anonymous

    Reality, Ohio’s public unions have a long record of willing to make concessions and give up things they bargained for in order to help government balance their budgets (which became imbalanced by unpaid for tax cuts to the rich, not labor agreements.)

  • Haas

    Um, I think that’s exactly what Dan just did.

  • clambake

    this is exactly the message that must get out and be told over and over until people get it. It is so much more effective than getting into a pissing contest over who gets paid more?– public or private sector employees. We need a message that encompasses all the citizens of Ohio.
    And yeah, kasich and his “businessman” cred. As if.

  • Marifran Korb

    Republicans allowed lower taxes for the top 2% of our population that
    cost taxpayers $700 billion. So now teachers and other middle class workers have to make up for the shortfall? That is shameful.

  • C. Myers

    So does it mean you cut throat your competition when bidding jobs!. YES! because your looking at profit margins, I understand. What price cut are you willing to put on your son or daughter’s education..? Think about it..that’s all ..your child’s education, you want that..I don’t think so…you want $6 dollar teachers teaching your children? Columbus,Ohio

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