This is actually on Governors’ YouTube channel.  Bill Hemmer, of Fox News, apparently hasn’t done the whip count in Ohio.  Again, you could fire every State employee or force them to work for free, and the savings towards the deficit is negligible.   This isn’t collective bargaining “reform.”  It’s a partial repeal of it entirely.

He claims this is about “job creation” in order to make Ohio competitive with Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  You know “right to work (for less) States.”  Ohio already had the stage set for economic growth.  Kasich is upsetting that recovery with this nonsense.

I laugh every time I hear Kasich talk about the ingredients of a “successful business.”  This is a man who’s entirely adult life has been spent mostly suckling at the government teat, except for when he cashiered his Budget Committee gavel for a job at Lehman Brothers… that then went bankrupt.  He’s a political science major.  He thinks the eight years he spent playing Wall Street executive somehow made him an actual businessperson.  It’s a crock.

You don’t need to get rid of the right of collective bargaining to balance the budget.  And what’s ironic is that for all the talk about giving cities and local governments “more flexibility” SB 5 gives State managers far more leverage at the bargaining table than it does local governments.

Nobody, not the Governor, not the Legislative Service Commission, not Shannon Jones, nor the Buckeye Institute has even come up with a figure for the claimed “savings” of this bill.

But I’m still blown away by the sheer hypocrisy that is Kasich.  He gave his closest political aides massive raises.  More than they’ve ever made or their counterparts.  He still claims he was the “chief architect” of the 1997 budget.  And yet, Clinton is largely viewed to have bested Kasich in every budget battle, leading to Kasich essentially cowering to Clinton by 1997.  And those government shutdowns lead to the Republicans to lose seats in Congress.

So, now Kasich goes on Fox News and says we have to do this for the budget deficit, even though the savings (to the best anyone can calculate it is) is rather small.

The budget reality is that turning the public sector into a “right to work” (for less) State just simply isn’t going to create the kind of savings Kasich needs to repeal the income tax like he wants, nor is it going to have a significant impact of lowering government revenues enough to lead to any meaningful economic growth.  It’s all a red herring.

In fact, one could argue that creating national stories about social unrest between the State and organized labor could have a greater negative economic impact on the State as it discourages employers to consider expanding in Ohio if the local economy there is about to become disrupted by labor unrest.

We can’t cut our way to prosperity (even Kasich concedes this), nor can we build a strong economy future in this State by racing to the bottom on taxes, workplace and environmental regulations, and labor rights.  

Kasich’s entire political philosophy seems to be based on the soundness of your “take your pick” fad diet.  You can rationalize it all you want, but it simply doesn’t work.  No economy has ever become prosperous by hurting the middle and working class.  That’s what this bill does.

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