Some constituents would like to have a word with you about SB 5.

Several hundred to be exact:

Dayton No on 5 Dayton No on 5 (2)Braving a cold rain, the Dayton Daily News  reported that “hundreds” of SB 5 opponents protested outside of the Dayton Convention Center this morning as State Senator Peggy Lehrer (R-Kettering) held a constituent meeting outside.

Be sure to check out their slideshow from this morning’s rally.  (Thanks to a loyal reader for providing us with today’s pictures!)

I don’t care that the GOP contains the redistricting pen.  They’re going to have a hard time drawing a district that keeps Senator Beagle in office if he supports SB.

Incidentally, all of this could have been preventable if we hadn’t lost two seats in the Senate last November.  Consider getting involved and donating to help elect Democrats to the State Senate as well.

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