From the daily archives: Monday, February 21, 2011

Tomorrow Senate Bill 5 is going to get an additional committee hearing. Unfortunately testimony will be limited to people who signed up before last Thursday.

While this technically isn’t against the rules, the decision does seem irresponsible on the part of the Chairman. Given the importance of this bill, the massive impact it would have on Ohio’s middle class workers, the level of debate it is receiving in the press and the huge demonstrations against it – you would think the committee would attempt to get as much input as possible before voting on it.

It comes across as an […]

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There’s been a ton of discussion here about why SB 5 is bad policy and bad economics for Ohio.  But nobody seems to have considered how SB 5 is bad politics (especially for the GOP heading into 2012.)

Before there was a Tea Party, or soccer moms, there were the Reagan Democrats, blue-collar working stiffs who ordinarily sided with Democrats on economic issues but came out in force for Reagan.    Miami University alum/nationally renown Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg found that in a Michigan community that went nearly 2/3rds for Kennedy, went the other direction for Reagan… twice.  The socioeconomic demographic […]

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Some constituents would like to have a word with you about SB 5.

Several hundred to be exact:

Braving a cold rain, the Dayton Daily News  reported that “hundreds” of SB 5 opponents protested outside of the Dayton Convention Center this morning as State Senator Peggy Lehrer (R-Kettering) held a constituent meeting outside.

Be sure to check out their slideshow from this morning’s rally.  (Thanks to a loyal reader for providing us with today’s pictures!)

I don’t care that the GOP contains the redistricting pen.  They’re going to have a hard time drawing […]

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Senate Majority Floor Leader Jimmy Stewart (R-Athens) is in a real bind on SB 5.  On one hand, he’s been able to rise in the ranks in the Senate leadership.  He’s managed to hold onto a seat that contains Ohio University in the district by positioning himself as a conservative on most issues, except when organized labor is involved.

In short, SB 5 is Stewart’s worse nightmare, and it can’t come at a worse time.  Stewart is up for re-election next year.  And he knows that having the Majority Floor Leader opposing a bill introduced by his Majority Whip, supported […]

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This is actually on Governors’ YouTube channel.  Bill Hemmer, of Fox News, apparently hasn’t done the whip count in Ohio.  Again, you could fire every State employee or force them to work for free, and the savings towards the deficit is negligible.   This isn’t collective bargaining “reform.”  It’s a partial repeal of it entirely.

He claims this is about “job creation” in order to make Ohio competitive with Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  You know “right to work (for less) States.”  Ohio already had the stage set for economic growth.  Kasich is upsetting that recovery with this nonsense.


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