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The largest Facebook group against SB5 has over 11,000 members. And there are a ton more with 1000’s of members each. And none of these comes close to the Stand Up For Ohio group which has nearly 100,000 members that are actively fighting against SB5.

Compare that to the supporters of the bill who have one Facebook group with 373 people (including Matt Hurley).

Here’s a screen shot of a Facebook search as of a few minutes ago:

You’ll notice that mixed in with the many anti-SB5 groups is that weird, pro-SB5, waving-hand/thumbs-up thing with a […]

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I guess Egypt thinks Ohio can just go f’ itself?  (Joking.)

(HT: @Chibodohanukie on Twitter)

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First, they hijacked SEIU’s telephone system to try to make pro-SB5 calls to State Senators in Ohio, even though they lived out of State.  We’ve seen an influx of out-of-State Tea Party hacks here posing as if they’re Ohioans until we’ve had to call them out on this.

Now, a Tea Party activist/radio host in California sends out a message to the Tea Party to pose as SEIU members and get on television saying things that will hurt the middle class workers’ cause:

Here is what I am doing in Sacramento, where they are holding a 5:30 PM […]

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From the Canton Repository (which endorsed Kasich) “Tweak the process; don’t end it”:

The collective bargaining process in Ohio isn’t broken. It does need to be tweaked. But state employees don’t need to be stripped of collective bargaining rights.

Unfortunately, more heat than light is coming out of Gov. John Kasich’s office.  Our combative new governor has said that if he doesn’t like the final version of SB 5, he’ll get what he wants through the budget bill, including adding provisions to “punish” state workers who strike.
Perhaps he has not noticed how […]

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