From the daily archives: Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yesterday, we wrote about the Columbus Dispatch’s story that indicated that there are seven Republican Senators on the fence on SB 7, enough that if they don’t support the bill could defeat it.  Well, I failed to note another key aspect.  If the GOP doesn’t get these members on board, they may not even be able to pass SB 5 out of committee.

The Republicans have an 8-4 majority on the Senate Insurance, Commerce, and Labor Committee.  However, three of the Republicans on the Committee are Senators Bill Seitz, Bill Beagle, and Jim Hughes.


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Without a doubt the most important statement of public policy that occurs in state government is the state budget.

The two-year budget dictates how the state spends money and carries with it countless provisions affecting how state and local governments serve the public. This year the budget will be written and amended over several months in a Statehouse completely dominated by a single political party, a process which needs to be watched closely.

Plunderbund is proud to announce its new sister website called Ohio Budget Watch which intends to do just that.

Ohio Budget Watch is focused […]

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Ted hit the airwaves (and cables/sats) last night defending Ohio’s workers against SB5, what he’s calling “a coordinated attack on the middle class”…

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(Ted starts about a minute in)

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