Here’s ProgressOhio’s video of Governor Strickland’s impromptu press gaggle:

After seeing Governor Kasich have to spend a day remove his custom Italian loafers from his mouth by calling a police officer an "idiot" for enforcing a law intent on protecting…. other law enforcement and emergency crews working near busy roads: Kasich Patrol

I got one question for you this weekend:

Strickland Miss Me Yet

[UPDATE:] Governor Strickland will be on MSNBC at 6:30 p.m. tonight to talk about SB 5.

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  • Delco

    Just saw Governor Ted on Cenk (MSNBC) earlier this evening. The man brought me to tears in his passion for the hard-working union teachers, caregivers, and safety services men and women in this state. Yes, Ted, “I miss (you) yet”.

  • Delco

    Does anyone know what Governor 49% receives every month for his federal pension and health care benefits?

  • Green Iris

    No I’m fairly sure that I’m paying into SERS. That what shows up on my check stub.

  • Kent

    Of course the unions miss you, Uncle Ted. You sold out to them. Thanks for getting us into this budget mess, too. One-time Money Ted!

  • pragmatic_one

    How much are you paid to post here, internet tough guy?

  • Martha Kittsmiller

    for your information, I have a deduction taken out of my pay every paycheck for PERS!! So, I as well as all others under PERS and SERS pay for THEIR OWN RETIREMENTS!! Now, if you are really interested in going after government employees, go after those Representatives who vote themselves in huge pay and benefit increases evey year …the same folks who are trying to strip all state employees of all of their benefits and taking away thier pay increases…I bet you didn’t realize that the Representatives passed a bill several years ago allowing them to vote on thier own increases did you?? Umm, I wonder if they would all ban together on turning down their own increases to save the state money…food for thought Fumanchoo!!

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