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Just a quick follow-up to Brian’s earlier post(s) about seven Republican Senators who have not committed to supporting SB 5:

It sounds like we have an 8th.

I heard today that State Senator Tim Grendell‘s staff has been told that he will not vote for Senate Bill 5 in its current form.

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Here’s ProgressOhio’s video of Governor Strickland’s impromptu press gaggle:

After seeing Governor Kasich have to spend a day remove his custom Italian loafers from his mouth by calling a police officer an "idiot" for enforcing a law intent on protecting…. other law enforcement and emergency crews working near busy roads:

I got one question for you this weekend:

[UPDATE:] Governor Strickland will be on MSNBC at 6:30 p.m. tonight to talk about SB 5.

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Just got the press release.  Former Speaker/current House Minority Leader Armond Budish (D-Beachwood) wrote Governor Kasich regarding questions about Ohio Department of Development Director Mark Kvamme’s eligibility to serve in a Cabinet post under the Ohio Constitution:

While Mr. Kvamme brings unique experiences to the state, I am concerned that his status as a resident of California jeopardizes his appointment as the Director of the Department of Development, chairperson of the Third Frontier Commission, and the head of JobsOhio.  I believe based on a review of materials excerpted below and enclosed with this letter that this issue could impede our […]

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Remember us talking about this smartass yesterday?

Well, guess who ProgressOhio’s Dave Harding saw on WBNS Channel 10 last night?

Gang, meet attorney Jack Painter, who lives in the high-income neighborhood of Indian Hills near Cincinnati.  Painter, like me, is a solo practitioner.  He’s the head of the Indian Hills Tea Party, on the Advisory Board of the Cincinnati Tea Party, and on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Liberty Council which has claimed as its mantle as being the statewide organization of the so-called “Tea Party” movement.  Oh, and he’s a contributor […]

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Today’s must-read article is in this morning’s Columbus Dispatch “Some GOP Senators say bill goes too far.”

A bill making major changes to state collective-bargaining law is not a slam-dunk to pass the Senate in its current form.

The Dispatch talked to seven Republican senators this week who either would not commit support or expressed varying levels of discomfort with Senate Bill 5, which would eliminate collective bargaining for state workers, take away binding arbitration for police and firefighters, and limit the bargaining power of teachers and other local workers.

Republicans hold a 23-10 majority and need 17 […]

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Massive Tea Party FAIL

On February 18, 2011 By

(Image Source: Dave Harding @ ProgressOhio)

I had to stay home with a sick kid… that’s why I wasn’t there yesterday.  I wish I could have been.  I’ve always wanted to violate a fire code with firefighters and police officers.  Seriously, the crowd shots for the rally yesterday were INSANE.

The picture is what Dave Harding snapped of the “Tea Party protest.”

Let’s remember what we heard a week ago yesterday.  A week ago, Matt Mayer of the Ohio Buckeye Institute was heralding the Tea Party “movement’s” planned rally today as follows:

So, it […]

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