The recent news about Kasich calling a police officer an idiot multiple times for giving him a ticket is just one example in the list of disrespectful and downright strange things Kasich has said about police officers recently.

Back in December Kasich made two statements about officers ‘sneaking’ and ‘hiding’.

During a press conference with the Highway Patrol Kasich said:

“You got some patrolman sneaking in the weeds somewhere getting you going 2 miles an hour over the speed limit. We don’t want that in Ohio.”

And talking about the new IG Randy Meyer:

“He’s not going to be a traffic cop hiding in the bushes.”

And back in November Scott Pullins published a letter that discussed a Kasich campaign appearance in which John belittled the important work of police officers in Genoa Township:

When asked about cutting the income tax, he replied that he would eliminate it as he reduced government. He gave Genoa Township as an example. He said that they employed 28 policemen and the last time that there was a crime in the township, one squirrel stole a nut from another one and ran up a tree. There is no need for that many police; he’d cut them. (Apparently he doesn’t see having police as a deterrent.)

In John Kasich’s strange view of the world it seems that police officers are lazy, over-paid union thugs who spend their days hiding in the weeds and pouncing on unsuspecting, hardworking bankers whose only crime is being late for game of golf.