The recent news about Kasich calling a police officer an idiot multiple times for giving him a ticket is just one example in the list of disrespectful and downright strange things Kasich has said about police officers recently.

Back in December Kasich made two statements about officers ‘sneaking’ and ‘hiding’.

During a press conference with the Highway Patrol Kasich said:

“You got some patrolman sneaking in the weeds somewhere getting you going 2 miles an hour over the speed limit. We don’t want that in Ohio.”

And talking about the new IG Randy Meyer:

“He’s not going to be a traffic cop hiding in the bushes.”

And back in November Scott Pullins published a letter that discussed a Kasich campaign appearance in which John belittled the important work of police officers in Genoa Township:

When asked about cutting the income tax, he replied that he would eliminate it as he reduced government. He gave Genoa Township as an example. He said that they employed 28 policemen and the last time that there was a crime in the township, one squirrel stole a nut from another one and ran up a tree. There is no need for that many police; he’d cut them. (Apparently he doesn’t see having police as a deterrent.)

In John Kasich’s strange view of the world it seems that police officers are lazy, over-paid union thugs who spend their days hiding in the weeds and pouncing on unsuspecting, hardworking bankers whose only crime is being late for game of golf.

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  • Greatgrandma6203

    Who in the hell gives him the right to think that he is any better than anyone of us . If he thinks he is above the law what is he showing his children. I don’t care who you are if you bread the law then you deserve to be punished. This to me would be abuse of power

  • guest

    Has it ever occurred to him that it might not be that bright calling the men and women responsible for his security “idiots” and denigrating them this much?

  • Columbusite

    Ironic since KKKasich was one of the dupes passing around “Cool it” buttons during student protests at OSU in 1971.

  • The Black Seal

    Well was the cop being an idiot? I mean cops are not above being idiots ya know. There are some good ones, but there are some douchebags just like anywhere else. Sounds to me like we have a bad case of the crybabies around here lol
    Go tug on mamas apron and maybe she will make it all better lol

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  • Delco

    However, the police dashcam tape was very clear in that not only did Governor Kasich break the law when he received that particular ticket (whether he saw the flashing lights or not), but the police officer that gave him the ticket was actually very professional.

  • Green Iris

    Your post is full of qualified and hypothetical statements, and when broken down are BS. Most times a warning is issued if a light is out. There is usually a 3-5 mph grace over a speed limit. Only older model vehicles are targeted? really?
    Most LE depts are stretched thin and don’t have the staffing to ‘wait in hiding’. Just maintaining infrequent patrols is all they can do. I WISH they would patrol the road more frequestly that I drive every day.
    Oh, and almost all LE depts require some sort of post secondary training or education. That makes them at least community college graduates.

  • Roelarryd58

    Just another idiot who doesn’t know what he is talking about and has no business in the position he is in. Sounds like Genoa Township Police Department is to be commended for their proactive stand and deterring criminal activity in their jurisdiction.

  • Bulaman53

    fire the ass hole

  • guest

    Even though some police officers do seem like they have a chip on their shoulders, I would assume that if you had a gun to your head or someone was in your home.. you would not hesitate to call the police. How can you talk like that when those are the people you expect to protect and serve the communities. The communities that you are apart of. It is your fault for not having the proper parts to a working vehicle. How can you blame them for your issues? Police are not hiding out in the bushed waiting for people to make mistakes. Believe it or not, they have much more to do that just sit around and wait. A lot goes on behind the scenes that citizens are unaware of. Just think, next time you make an ignorant comment about a police officer, you will be thanking him or her when your life is saved.

  • Anonymous

    This is the police department that protect Kasich and his family where they live. They often have to fill in to relieve the Patrol during shift changes, etc.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    is he ever happy? hes mad if they “sit” by the road and hes mad if they do their jobs
    obviously he thinks hes better than all of us –a lot of us have been stopped for something –tail light head light out, not stopping at a stop sign — hello its there job
    they pretty much all tell you to pay for the ticket or they will swear out a bench warrant for your arrest–heck he thinks hes to good to live at the mansion , to good to have a office at the state house–I bet he holds his breath if he doesnt get his way– -its a wonder he didnt ask the unions to pay for his ticket– after all the state employees are rolling in money — perhaps if he had “bargained” with the officer he would got out of it ( we all know if you bargain you get anything you want) lol

  • Dathisfeet

    He is absolutely nuts. I have a son who is an officer in Ohio. He works HARD and long hours. This momma is mad! My son has a degree in criminal justice and also was at the top of his class when he went to cop school! Impeach the man who does not appreciate those who protect us.

  • Mbastian6969

    SHUT … UP … KASICH, or however you spell your name. I KNEW IF I VOTED 4 U I WOULD RULE THE DAY. THANKS FOR MAKING ME FEEL LIKE AN ASS! Gee, I guess if you can’t count on anybody & belive what they say, what the hell, right? jackass…

  • Crazy4kahne

    I’m not suprised by the comments he has made. I always knew there was a little something off with him anyway. Yes there are some douchebag cops, believe me there are plenty patroling the streets here in Muskingum county, the point is that there is also a few good ones left. You just have to look really hard in order to find them thats all.

  • Mrobinsosn42

    Kasichs is right they are idots we need to fire most of them i do not know what world you live in but i know all across this nation they are stealing robbing from the poor o yea let say KILLING innocent People

  • Mrobinson42

    better have your son read the bible so he does not turn corupted$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$America arm your self to protect your self from Cops & Robbers

  • Anonymous

    The reason people are pulled over for taillights, plate lights or stopsigns is called probable cause. That being said, if I am a crook, and up to no good, why would I want to go to a town where the cops pull over any car for “no reason” . That increases my chances of getting caught! If Kasich gets his way in Ohio you WILL have Many GOOD people leaving these professions(Police, fire and teachers). The average or less will stay because the don’t have the skills to go elsewhere!

  • Tom Schneider

    Who in this country has NEVER voiced or had the feelings Kasich was expressing. Anyone who is honest has voiced such opinions. And we don’t want the police sneaking in the weeds and pulling people over for going two miles per hour over the limit. That is not promoting public safety, it is raising money for city government!

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  • Anonymous

    I stop complaining about the ticket at least after I pay for it… not three years later and calling the guy an idiot because I broke the law.

    Have I gotten upset about a ticket? Sure. But I don’t still get upset over it three years later and cite it as an example of “poor customer service”

    In Ohio, you can’t hide in the weeds anyways. That’s why the Patrol has to use marked cruisers and sit in medians where they can be seen. No officer I know will pull you over for going 2 over because that’s within the radar device’s margin of error anyways.

  • ThirdHerd

    The reason cops, firemen, COs, etc get paid what they do is because when the feces hits the occilator, contractors are expected to run “from”, “they” are expected to run “TO”. Prison guards work in direct supervision, that means nothing between you and the prisoners. That said, binding arbitration works! It ain’t broke. Don’t fix it!

  • Cgtz49

    Maybe we need a Governor working for the people of the state…How would Mr. Kasich respond to be cut from his job. The voters can do it next election. And by the way, show some respect for the people that put their lives on the line everyday. You show a total lack of the cost of lives put into danger by laying off Police and firefighters.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Do what ??? did you even grasp what I said — these people have a job to do — just like you do ( I presume ) people are going to leave here anyway ( nothing to do with cops ) hes the one with the problem–
    no one is happy when they get stopped by a policeman — and if they call names I bet they are smart enough NOT to say it on a filmed video

  • Jim

    I myself am not a union man- i have been working 40+years, never did I need anyone to speek for me or what ever. But that is me Ok? I believe we, union folks and non– have to get to the real root of the problem–we have to work together and impeach this John Kasich. He is dangerous to the well being of our state. And left in office, ohio will be in ruins. We can not let him get away with his stupidity, Impeach Kasich befor its too late

  • Lorettajkeller

    What planet his he from – he needs to get a reality check in the real world. His brain is scrambled – not all of us have a silver spoon in our mouths – not to say that our monies came from our backs via his employment with Leman(s) Brothers

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