From the daily archives: Thursday, February 17, 2011

This morning Third Frontier and the Third Frontier Advisory Committee were both scheduled to meet today.  I’m told from reliable sources that the meetings were essentially cancelled.  No public explanation has been given.

However, word in Columbus, unofficially at least, is that the Administration’s lawyers are kind of spooked at that whole Mark Kvamme may not be able to be the Development Director under the Ohio Constitution issue.

I’ve hit the phone circuit today, and I can tell you that the Republicans are in full “what the hell do we do” mode over it.  You see there’s a […]

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(Major HT: ProgressOhio who shot this video)

Makes over $600k, hates children, would rather let kids starve, and thinks anyone who wants to be a public school teacher is a parasite to taxpayers.  And objects to union folks taking a personal day so they can petition their own elective representatives and asked to be heard on matters of public policy.

Meet just one of the hundred of Tea Party “activists” who came to Columbus to support SB 5.

These are the folks John Kasich and Senator Shannon Jones speak for.

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(Image Source: Columbus Dispatch)

Just got a call from a Democratic source that Franklin County Democratic Party Chairman Bill Anthony is resigning tonight.  Literally, that’s all the source could give me. I don’t know why Anthony is resigning, nor why Schultz is presumed to take over.

Anthony is currently the Director of the Franklin County Board of Elections.  In 2009, he temporarily resigned from the Board of Elections due to questions about the wisdom of having a county party chairman serve on the Board of Elections.  However, in 2010, he was appointed back to […]

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The recent news about Kasich calling a police officer an idiot multiple times for giving him a ticket is just one example in the list of disrespectful and downright strange things Kasich has said about police officers recently.

Back in December Kasich made two statements about officers ‘sneaking’ and ‘hiding’.

During a press conference with the Highway Patrol Kasich said:

“You got some patrolman sneaking in the weeds somewhere getting you going 2 miles an hour over the speed limit. We don’t want that in Ohio.”

And talking about the new IG Randy Meyer:

“He’s not going to […]

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We’ll be updating this as they come in.  These came over Twitter via OCSEA:

Keep them coming!

Hearing estimates of over 4,000 people.  Don’t know how many are Tea Party folks versus union… but I have reason to believe that the Tea Party was planning on turnout out, at best, 900. [UPDATE:  Dispatch is reporting only 200 Tea Party folks.  So, yeah!

You can follow it on Twitter #STANDUPOH

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