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[UPDATE]: Attorney Victoria Ullmann testified earlier this week as an opponent to HB 1 (the “RobsOhio” bill).  By all accounts, she is the first person to bring this issue up.  It has caused a scramble in Columbus.  If anyone is responsible for calling attention to it.  It is her.  And she actually first brought this up back in January on her Facebook KasichWatch site.  Nice catch, Victoria!  You definitely were the first to catch this.

Turns out perhaps as many of two members of Kasich’s Cabinet are ineligible to serve under that “anthill” called the Ohio Constitution.

“No person shall be elected or appointed to any office in this state unless possessed of the qualifications of an elector.”  Art. XV, Sec. 4 of the Ohio Constitution

Kvamme is a resident of California.  Also, Kasich’s EPA Director Scott Nally came from Indiana.  Nally likely moved, but he’s not registered to vote in Franklin County, the most likely County he’d live.

Both were appointed as required under R.C. 121.03.  Art. 5, Sec. 1 defines “elector” as a United States citizen, resides in this State, and have been registered in the State for thirty days.

Pretty sure neither apply to Kvamme and Nally.

In 1992, Ohio’s Attorney General wrote a legal opinion for then Governor George Voinovich told the Governor that the act of appointing such a person in violation of Art. XV, Sec. 4, according to Ohio courts, is a “nullity.”  In other words, it’s as if the appointment never happened.  You don’t need a quo warranto legal proceeding to appoint someone else.

Oh, and that Attorney General was … Lee Fisher!  (Revenge!)  (See, Ohio Attorney General Opinion, 92-008)

Well, if their appointment is a nullity, then everything they’ve done is a nullity as well.  In other words…

You remember that air permit that Scott Nally signed that Kasich made such a big deal about?  Yeah, it may not be legally valid.  Any contracts or deals that Kvamme has made as Director of the Ohio Department of Development?  Invalid. 


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  • Anonymous

    Why, yes, that does mean that John Kasich had already violated the oath of his office before taking it, why do you ask?

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  • Rob

    Can we start a recall now?

  • Rob

    Can we start a recall now?

  • Jim

    Unfortunately Rob, there is no provisions in the Ohio Constitution for a Governor recall. There really needs to be one. Kaisch is going to make Taft look like a genius.

  • missingtedalready

    no recall? oh that makes me so sad….

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  • Janie Mcglothen

    As the wife and the mother of an Ohio Correction Officer, and who knows for a fact what concessions have been made in the past two years because of budget concerns, I feel as if Governor KKKasich has no clue as to how to resolve the budget issue other than on the backs of state of Ohio employees. He is coming into this fight with the mindset that Collective Bargaining should be abolished so that the state can further erode what working rights Ohio’s workers should be entitled to. He has not idea what it is like to be a state of Ohio employee, and he does not even try to see the other side, which we have (and conceded) for a number of years prior to he being elected to office.
    For shame, KKKasich!!!! What interest are you personally serving??????????

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