If you are surprised by Kasich’s latest gaff – calling a police office an idiot multiple times at his EPA meeting last month – then obviously missed all of the warnings we gave you during the campaign.

John Kasich has acted again and again like a selfish, arrogant jerk who thinks he deserves special treatment from everyone.

Here’s the video…

And the transcription (ht Dispatch):

“Have you ever been stopped by a policeman who’s an idiot?” the governor asked.

“I had this idiot pull me over on (Route) 315. He says, ‘You passed this emergency vehicle on the side of the road and you didn’t yield. I said, ‘I didn’t… officer, are you kidding? I didn’t see… where the heck was it? The last thing I would ever do would be to pass an emergency… Are you kidding me?’

“He says, ‘Well, I understand, give me your license… goes back to the car, comes back, gives me a ticket. He says, ‘You must report to court. If you don’t report to court, we’re putting a warrant out for your arrest.’

“He’s an idiot. We just can’t act that way. And what people resent are people who work in government who don’t treat the client with respect.”

Kasich’s remarks drew a quick response from law enforcement representatives state wide. State Highway Patrol union lawyer Herschel Sigall said: “This is only the most recent strange insensitive and callous remark of the governor. He is obviously authority averse except where he is the authority.”

But the most honest and moving response came from Sara Haughn Winfield, the wife a deputy sheriff in Marion County who was killed in the line of duty.

Sarah recounts personal stories of her own families run ins with people like John Kasich who have no respect for law enforcement officers.

She also makes a great point: Kasich called the police office a jerk for enforcing a law that was put in place to protect police officers:

Thus I must conclude that you are calling this officer an idiot for nothing other than doing his job of enforcing the law. In this situation, a law I might point out was created to ensure the safety of the very officer you are calling an idiot. A law that dear friends of mine testified to have passed after their son was killed directing traffic at an accident scene because a car failed to yield to emergency vehicles and struck and killed their son and a firefighter.

I have much more sympathy for their loss than I do for your inconveince of ticket and perceived attitude from a law enforcement officer. I don’t expect you to understand how passionate police officers are about the laws that are made to protect them because you have never had to stand at your partner’s door at 3AM and tell his wife that he is never coming home again and watch her sink in despair.

She ends with this, and so will I:

I am thankful I don’t allow my children to watch the news, so they won’t know what our Governer thinks of the profession their father gave his life for.

  • Annekarima

    Well…ah-hem…well…it seems early on, we have found the emperor has no clothes…

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  • Fotogirlcb2002

    LOL,,, sorry,,, Joseph ,, but see you have us spoiled –you are all so johnny on the spot with info I just knew it would be here –( sorry about the johnny name I am not calling you names honestly)
    ok now serious — this guy now thinks he can just ignore laws on the highway too.
    My sympathy goes out to Sara Haughn Winfield — sorry J.Kasich is so rude. (I never voted for him.) I think those kinds of jobs scarey – I wouldnt want to be a officer of any kind. I do appreciate everything they do in my town.

  • Tmr302

    I can feel your pain I am married to a policemen and its a tough job he used to do freeway patrol for columbus Police he got tired of people like Kasich and did a less stressful job he does crime scene now lol.. My heart goes out to any widow, wife, husband or family member whos loved one is a cop and is called a idiot for giving them a ticket they deserve… suck it up kasich and pay your ticket instead of whinning about it

  • Jerry R.

    I am a retired police Officer from Ohio who moved out of Ohio because of the IDIOT POLITICIANS who run Ohio and has run Ohio into the ground…

  • pragmatic_one

    The constintuency Mr. Kasich serves is wealthy people and businessmen. Everybody else is stupid, overpaid, or both. This is, unfortunately, the mindset of Kasich and of the modern GOP. They seek no balance, only to destroy anything left in the path of making their friends even more obnoxiously wealthy. It’s the end game of 30 years of voodoo economics….pit the working class against the public employees because now everybody must be punished to the extreme…except Kasich and his friends.

    Watching CNBC tonight I sat there and watched Larry Kudlow insult government employees over and over again while his cackling guest sat there and nodded in agreement. “State workers claim they make a great contribution, the problem is…they don’t.” – that was Kudlow’s quote for the night. This from another Wall Streeter who never created anything of value in his entire life.

    Priorities. We need to get them back ASAP.

  • Patrish Reed

    I don’t think this ought to be made into a political issue.It it an “idiot” issue.I’m a republican,my daughter is a police officer.He’s not an “idiot” because of his political party .He’s an “idiot”because he has no respect for humanity..

  • Anonymous

    When you say he…you are referring to Kasich…right?

  • Annekarima

    This made Kasich’s old employer, FOX News last evening. The bridge is burning! Can the draw bridge be lowered to save the king?

  • Anonymous

    Could, but it’s staffed by union workers who are at the Statehouse right now protesting the king’s bill to eliminate their rights.

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  • Anonymous

    Chris Mathews covered this story tonight, and said Kasich scheduled a private meeting today with the “idiot” and apologized to him. Is this true?

  • Anonymous

    It’s true. Kasich initially reached out to make an apology over the phone, but the officer declined and asked for a face-to-face. Kasich agreed, wanting to get the story off the cycle ASAP.

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