From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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[UPDATE]: Attorney Victoria Ullmann testified earlier this week as an opponent to HB 1 (the “RobsOhio” bill).  By all accounts, she is the first person to bring this issue up.  It has caused a scramble in Columbus.  If anyone is responsible for calling attention to it.  It is her.  And she actually first brought this up back in January on her Facebook KasichWatch site.  Nice catch, Victoria!  You definitely were the first to catch this.

Turns out perhaps as many of two members of Kasich’s Cabinet are ineligible to serve under […]

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I’ve actually not fully processed today’s story that it appears several Democrats in the State Senate are now supporting SB 1—the bill that will create the private entity named RobsOhio.  But I thought I should at least play devil’s advocate to put the decision into perspective.

First, let’s remember that nobody who runs for office does so with the desire to not make a difference or to be politically irrelevant.  And, frankly, there traditionally has been no group treated as more politically irrelevant as the Senate Democrats.  During the last few years, it was only until Republicans were unable to […]

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If you are surprised by Kasich’s latest gaff – calling a police office an idiot multiple times at his EPA meeting last month – then obviously missed all of the warnings we gave you during the campaign.

John Kasich has acted again and again like a selfish, arrogant jerk who thinks he deserves special treatment from everyone.

Here’s the video…

And the transcription (ht Dispatch):

“Have you ever been stopped by a policeman who’s an idiot?” the governor asked.

“I had this idiot pull me over on (Route) 315. He says, ‘You passed this […]

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To say that I am annoyed with 3 of 4 Democrats on the Senate Finance committee for voting for JobsOhio is an understatement. But I am going to take a deep breath and avoid a long rant on the topic right now.

Instead I’ll answer this quick question: What did we get in exchange for some Democratic votes on JobsOhio?

Here’s a list of the most recent changes to Senate Bill that were approved in committee this morning:

• Reports must be filed with the Controlling Board every six months on how funds are used

• Public and private funds […]

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