I’ll say it again.  Butler and Warren County are the heart of the GOP.  Warren County also just happens to be the home county of State Senator Shannon Jones (R-Springboro).  In most cases, the only election that matters is the GOP primary (in fact, I know of a number of Democrats who are registered Republicans in the county for no other reason that it’s the only way they feel they can have an effective vote in the county).  There is a growing Democratic Party in the region which has made some incredible inroads over the past few years, but largely politics centers more between the warring “Old Guard” (i.e.- business, country club Rockefeller Republicans) and the “New Guard” (i.e.- Ohio Right to Life).  The Tea Party has just upset the mix even further.

Sheriff Larry L. SimsAnyways, recently Warren County elected a new sheriff, Larry Sims after winning a three-way primary in 2008 with 56% of the primary vote.  No Democratic candidate filed.  In the general election, Sims received the third highest votes of any county candidate… all of whom were unopposed.

Recently, as many Tea Party organizations have attempted to organize (we were told that nearly ten showed up in contrast to the over 1,000 pro-union supporters who showed up for today’s Senate Committee hearings) support for Senator Jones’ SB 5, the Springboro Tea Party asked folks like Sheriff Sims to come with them to Columbus to show their support for Jones’ bill.

Sheriff Jones instead turned them down in what can only be described affirmation that SB 5 is nothing more than political grandstanding by Jones and other Republicans… and then it goes downhill from there going into direct condemnation of Governor Kasich’s Administration so far:

I am not a pro-union person but am very concerned that Shannon Jones has set out to attack the very people that are charged with protecting us.  [Sheriff Sims then notes that Jones was endorsed last year by the State F.O.P. and there have been twenty line of duty deaths already this year]

Maybe I have missed it, but what amount of tax payer [sic] dollars will be saved by going after our middle class working people here.  Where was Shannon Jones and the tea party members when out new Governor made a personal choice that cost all of us over 6 million dollars?  I supported and worked hard to help get Governor Kasich elected.  One of his first moves was to chose to be the first Governor since the 1970’s to not live in the mansion.  What are his reasons?  I heard them and they are purely selfish to benefit his family.   Well, we al have families but do we have the authority to spend tax payer [sic] dollars to benefit them.  What [sic] this the right thing to do?  Why has there been no outcry of this expense? How do we preach cost cutting and savings with that type of decision?

“Will the efforts by Senator Jones in Her attack against the public employee even offset the amount of money it cost to pay for secuirty at Governor Kasich’s home? I haven’t heard any figures yet.

Is Governor Kasich’s choices not being questioned by the Senate and House because they are all republicans [sic]?  Does he get to make choices that benefit him and cost us money, but no one calls him on it?  If I, as Warren County Sheriff, made a similar decision for the benefit of my family while using tax payer [sic] dollars, what would happen?  What would you think?  How about the rest of our Warren County citizens?

Is Senator Jones’ move purely political grandstanding?  Are we doing the right thing here?”

Looks like Senator Jones’ has some political problems brewing at home.  Her own County Sheriff, and a member of her party, cannot bring himself to support Jones’ bill!  He questions her political motives and then questions the hypocrisy of the Tea Party for not hold Governor Kasich accountable.  (Just imagine his reaction if he reads our staffer salary stories!)

A full copy of Sims’ e-mail to the Lebanon Tea Party’s Joe Wilson is attached after the jump:

Warren County Sheriff Larry Sims Email

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