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I’ll say it again.  Butler and Warren County are the heart of the GOP.  Warren County also just happens to be the home county of State Senator Shannon Jones (R-Springboro).  In most cases, the only election that matters is the GOP primary (in fact, I know of a number of Democrats who are registered Republicans in the county for no other reason that it’s the only way they feel they can have an effective vote in the county).  There is a growing Democratic Party in the region which has made some incredible inroads over the past few years, but largely […]

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Hypocrisy, thy name is DeWine

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The Dispatch is reporting that “Mike DeWine filed a federal class-action lawsuit yesterday against BP”.

Funny story…

Last October Mike DeWine was running around the state claiming Attorney General Rich Cordray was “anti-business” because he had filed lawsuits on behalf of the state against Corporations that had screwed over Ohio and Ohioans.

I guess suing big corporations is only “anti-business” when Democrats do it.

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I’ve had more than one person indicate that that Senator Jim Hughes (R-Columbus) has announced that he is a definitely “No” vote on SB 5. 

However, I sought confirmation from those who are doing the whip count on the bill, and I’m sorry to say that it’s no sure bet that Hughes will oppose SB 5 at this time.  Or, at least, he’s refusing to acknowledge it publicly.

According to my source, Hughes’ legislative assistant told them that Hughes has “officially taken no position on the bill, but is awaiting amendments in the committee process.”

Until a member says […]

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