From today’s Newark Advocate we first get some good news:

Schaffer, who represents Fairfield, Hocking, Licking and Perry counties and part of Pickaway County, had introduced a similar bill last session, but he said it languished in the Finance Committee and never was put up for a vote.

And let’s hope it stays this way.  Schaffer today adds a whole new component to his bill that just makes a horrible, unconstitutional bill even worse:

I think either way it would benefit the people getting the aid and state," Schaffer said. "If the state pays for tests, we might be able to criminally charge someone for trying to get benefits who isn’t qualified, and that would save the state thousands."

No genius, it would cost the State money.  Cost us money.  When you add to the number of people clogging our criminal dockets for doing something so sinister as asking for government assistance while battling a substance abuse problem, it costs the State money.

I’d say this guy isn’t worth a warm pitcher of piss, but knowing him he’d probably test that, too.