From today’s Dispatch:

For the first time in three years, Ohio’s Medicaid rolls declined.

In December, the tax-funded health care program for the poor and disabled covered 1,600 fewer Ohioans than the previous month.

With a total enrollment of more than 2.1 million, the decline amounts to a tiny fraction of a percent.

It is entirely a statement of an improving economy. (The rolls) decreased because people were going back to work,” said Benjamin Johnson, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

John Kasich has yet to lower one tax, sell one state asset or privatize one government function. John Kasich hasn’t even signed one bill yet. Even HB1, which would eliminate all transparency and accountability requirements from state development activites by creating JobsOhio, is still floating around the Senate.

And yet…

The economy is already improving and people are getting back to work after the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.

It kind of makes you wonder if maybe demonizing public employees, selling our turnpike to the Spanish, giving unlimited and unmonitored expense accounts to Kasich’s business pals and turning over control of our prisons to a for-profit company has more to do with the new governor’s out-of-control idealogical agenda and less to do with actually improving Ohio’s economy and creating jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t be….

  • Dael

    Privatize the governorship with a coop… 😉

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yep, people got off Medicaid in DECEMBER because they knew that John Kasich would start improving the economy BEFORE HE EVEN TOOK OFFICE. Never mind that unemployment has been steadiy dropping throughout most of 2010 as Ohio has been regaining jobs. Or the nationally improving picture. No, no, the economy improve in ANTICIPATION of Kasich.

    You’re just adoreable. Do your parents know you’re using the computer, though?

  • Tim M

    Didn’t Ted Strictland state over and over during the campaign that Ohio had the sixth fastest growing economy? I think the economy in Ohio was doing better than we were led to believe. Now we’re left with this dofus for a governor … sheesh.

  • Solpwr

    Your comment subscribes to the philosophy of Voodoo Economics. You can sell that pile of shit here.

  • Anonymous

    The problem with your “idea”, rgtmwlly, is that people looking for jobs again based on hope of what MIGHT happen would actually make the economy WORSE if the jobs were not there for them. So no — that is ass-backwards.

  • guest

    People are looking for jobs no matter who the governor is. There aren’t any jobs where you can live and support a family. That is the radical Republican way of doing things. Get rid of the pesky middle class and have a large poor class. The R’s will be the overseers. That is how it is working. The rich don’t care how many people are unemployed as long as they get their rotten dividends because the senior management lies about the bookkeeping. There is no hope with rotten Kasich, unless you got a job with him.

  • I think you mean coup. A coop is where they keep chickens. 😛

  • pragmatic_one

    Don’t underestimate Kasich’s ability to take credit for things he had nothing to do with. Right off the bat he ran over to OEPA to take credit (along with his new EPA director who knows absolutely zilch about Ohio) for issuing a big permit that the previous administration had worked their butts off on for the past year. There is no doubt that if the economy improves he will run over to Fox and sqauwk about how he saved Ohio from the oncoming apocolypse being foisted upon it by the “Far left liberal” (Bill O’Lielly’s actualy words) Ted Strickland.

    How could so many be so fooled by this character? In one of his stump speeches he goes on about how he wanted to tell on his roomated at OSU for doing things he didn’t improve of (in other words he was a little taddle tale…a budding young narc who certainly had no friends) and his complaint went all the way up the ladder until he got to meet President Nixon. That’s right. Nixon was his template for governance. Awesome. Hey Ho Way to go O-HI-O.

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