(HT: Think Progress)

We can’t let John Kasich take our attention away from what’s going in Washington.  Right now, TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) and Health Care Tax Credit is set to expire.  Boehner had to pull it from the House floor from consideration when his caucus was unable to deliver supermajority vote for quick passage under the House rules.  (That makes for three floor votes the House majority mysteriously lost.)

The gentleman at the beginning of the bill was Wyoming Senator John Barrasso (R) who objected to all three attempts by Sherrod to get an extension of this assistance passed by unanimous consent.  Sherrod finally had enough and let loose a verbal barrage you have to watch.

Ironically/Tragically, the GOP is holding up an extension of these benefits hostage in return for… the approval of even more trade agreements.

It should be noted that our junior Senator, freshman Senator Rob Portman (R) earlier this week expressed support for extending the benefits, which is a meaningless gesture when its already been gamed to let Barrasso single-handedly block consideration of it so Portman never actually has to take a political hit for the GOP’s hostage taking.  Workers lose, Portman looks like he’s on their size but for… his own caucus.  He just hopes nobody figures that last part out.

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