Mike “Mish” Shedlock is a Tea Party activist who blogs at the “Keep America At Work” blog under the handle “Mish.”

Despite it’s blue-collar, populist sounding theme, Shedlock is, surprise, a financial advisor for a California company called, Sitka Pacific Capital Management.

Here’s what “Mish” told his readers to do about SB 5:

image Shortly thereafter, AFSCME noticed that they started getting out-of-state folks calling on their system, calling up State Senators’ offices.  They were quickly able to determine that these folks were using AFSCME’s system to call members of the State Senate to lobby in favor of SB 5—the bill to eliminate collective bargaining for state employees and traced it back to Shedlock’s post.

Shedlock, of course, wrote his post in a way to have plausible deniability, but there was absolutely no reason for him to include the link to AFSCME’s e-Action Network except to invite out-of-State Tea Party activist such as himself to use it to call State Senators posing as “concerned Ohioans.”

AFSCME has pulled the plug on Shedlock’s scheme by making his link to their’ e-Action item a dead link.  Now when click on it, you get this instead:


Now, if you want to call your State Senator, but you need help finding out who they are, you can click on this interactive map of Ohio to find out, or by entering your ZIP Code +4 on the Senate’s homepage.  Regardless of who represents you in the State Senate, you should take the time to call or e-mail your State Senator about SB 5 ASAP.  And be sure to let them know you are an actual constituent of theirs by giving your mailing address for a return response.   (And let us all know what kind of response you get!)

[UPDATE:] After further digging, it’s becoming clear that there were more Tea Party-related sites in which the AFSCME phone information was posted for Tea Party members to use.  The important thing to keep in mind was that this was done to make anti-union phone calls at AFSCME and its members’ expense.  There was no other reason to do this except to jack up AFSCME phone costs and tie up their system.

This has all the fingerprints of a professional dirty trick campaign to hamper labor’s lobbying efforts against SB 5.   I would argue that any unauthorized use of AFSCME’s telecommunication system to call State Senator’s would fall under R.C. 2913.04(B) of the Ohio Revised Code, which makes the unauthorized use of telecommunication/computer property a felony in the fifth degree.  Oh, and to anyone who passed that information out with the intent of getting Tea Party folks to use it, you can be charged with a felony count of conspiracy/complicity to unauthorized use of a telecommunication/computer network property which is also a fifth-degree felony.  Except you, my friend, can be charged for every call that resulted from your actions.   (Tea Party folks, you’ve been warned.)  

Stay tuned…

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