Governor Kasich has some pointed words for the communist Republic of China.  We hate you for taking our jobs, killing our steel industry, manipulating the currency market, but all will be forgiven if you just build one plant in Ohio.

(Source: WCPN 90.3):

Kasich on China

Yes, according to NPR’s Bill Cohen that is Governor Kasich recounting what he told a Chinese delegation during a meeting he had with them after the election.

Willie Loman was a better salesman.

I bet that Chinese delegation just couldn’t wait to invest in Ohio after that moment of detente.  Seriously, this guy is just too full of himself.  He really can’t be this stupid, can he?  Can he?

And I’ve heard from numerous sources that Kasich is equally as charming with other international business clients, including ones from non-communist countries with major investments in Ohio’s manufacturing sector.   And to think, this is the guy who will run our efforts to recruit out-of-state businesses in private through RobsOhio?!?  Maybe ignorance is bliss!

[FLASHBACK:] Remember when Kasich denied during the Gubernatorial debates in response to Governor Strickland’s attacks of his record on trade claimed “We didn’t lose jobs to China?” I guess he didn’t.

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