Seriously, someone explain this quote to me.  I have no idea what our Governor is saying.  (Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer)

"Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could take another country in Ohio called the turnpike, if I could privatize it and generate as much as $2.5 billion, potentially? We’ll see," Kasich said. "If we can’t get it, we probably won’t do it."

Yep, not content with pushing something this unpopular:


Kasich is already making the public push for something even less popular:


Seriously, is he trying to get an approval rating lower than Taft?  The Quinnipiac poll shows the Turnpike privatization is particularly unpopular with men, people living throughout northern Ohio, and leaves Republicans practically split around 38%.  Yep, not even registered Republicans like this idea.

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  • fairminded

    Our illustrious governor’s elocution skills are quite poor considering he once was a news commentator for FOX. Now I realize this often involves reading a monitor; but still just reading one would think this would increase a person’s vocabulary. Have you also noticed how he uses the term “wickedly smart” in reference to some of his appointments? It’s ending up being a play on words. His implication is that they are sooo brilliant but in actuality these people are wicked like him!
    For those Ohio constitution experts out there; there is a provision in the constitution for the governor to be recalled with enough signatures from the public as well as being impeached by the legislative branches which will never happen. Is this feasible to get signatures from the public? In Ohio history has this ever been attempted before?

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