If union workers should get punished for going on strike, what’s the penalty for management not reaching an agreement, too?

Also, what’s the value of getting rid of collective bargaining for public employees if they can still join a union once you privatize everything?  I mean, it’s kind of silly that guards at a private prison can join a union, but the ones at public ones cannot.

I bet they hadn’t thought about how these two agenda items might intersect before…

  • Bob

    There is no penalty and there never will be one. And those union guards at the prison or factory are next.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Well– i am still looking at “what public employees are striking ?”1983 collective bargaining made it so police and firefighter and state employees can NOT strike –its in the contract No Strike/No Lockout been that way for the 22 years I have been an employee. So why isnt he just saying who that is against? hes never had a problem pointing his finger before.
    In most negotiations( as I am sure most people know this ) both sides come to the table in “good faith” with their demands. It is understood that if either walks out and
    does not return the “good faith ” falters — and the issue is not solved — then they can request a medaiator come in to try and resolve the issue.( thats all you hear is how the mediator causes the high costs to the state and cities etc) in our experience the mediator has sided with management to resolve.
    Now I ask you –If Kasich and Jones want to get rid of the pay scales and have merit raises then why let the private sector join a union? Isnt one of the purposes of unions to bargain for wage increases? and better working conditions and safety ?
    I am confused — bargain for a merit raise! and they say they are picking the health coverage company — ( my head hurts from all of this )

    None of this was thought out- its a bunch of words on paper( SB 5) no rhyme or reason. and heres another thought in the Columbus Dispatch today he says ::”I have my own proposal right now,” Kasich told reporters after a speech to the Ohio Newspaper Association in Columbus. well if does why didnt he save time –Jones wrote a 476 page bill. ( that no one can read might as well be greek )
    he also said this:Asked what recourse public union workers would have under his proposal, Kasich said, “They have a job. They should continue to negotiate and try to come up with something.” uhh I didnt hear him ask for suggestions. Besides you only negotiate when theres a contract to settle ( last I looked we got another year on ours)
    Wonder if plans to negociate these contracts on his own — to go with his proposal no one knows anything about.
    I wouldnt want him to help with any contracts –he doesnt know that theres been strikes since collective bargaining came in ( unless its been teachers and we all know he just loves teachers! doofus!) But like a true politician lets do away with what works and replace it with a big pile of dog S–T.
    you know I could go on for hours here — comparing them and us and costs etc.
    I always thought that to have something in a budget it should have a money value to it– neither him or Ms Jones has said how much money this will add ( being rid of collective bargaining ) to the budget.
    This whole bill should be trashed — take away this or that and not replaced with any answers.Teachers loose 15 sick days ? why — so you fire them if they are ill or have sick children– see I told you I can go on and on — later………………………

  • Madison County

    It’s hard for me to imagine that K. has been in office about 5 weeks and is making such a mess of his responsibilities. Where is the leadership; he is behaving like he’s hold Sarah Palin’s purse while they prepare for an interview on FOX at a Tea Party rally in Florida, his favorite state.

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  • Bob Thomas

    Can a Governor be recalled??

  • Ed

    Just another example of the effort of REPULICANS to do away with the working middle class in this country. everything they do is aimed at supporting the people in upper 15percent of the income scale.

  • Al

    Scot Walker of Wisconsin while trying to rid himself and his people of the time invested in collective bargaining would be setting a president for the rest of the states to do the same . This would only bring down the middle class in public sector jobs . Making for a more split society of Rich and poor , and also not to mention less spending power , leading to a poorer economy . I rest my case 🙁

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