Again, this guy is clueless.  Has no idea that this was tried in Michigan and declared unconstitutional.  Admits that he has no evidence that this is a serious problem.

Insists that the applicant not only be subject to drug testing, but pay for it “out of their wallet.”  Because people who need help with housing, heating, food, and health care can pay a co-pay for welfare, right?  It’s all amount of priorities…

Claims that this will lead to tremendous savings.  A complete and total idiot.

“Once we implement the testing” we’ll know if we needed to do this.  Seriously.  This is what he claims.

It’s like pulling the trigger on a gun repeatedly as you look down the barrel to see if the gun is loaded.  If it goes off, we’ll know by the flash.  This guy doesn’t apparently even know how most of the assistant programs work.   It’s not like most of these just give cash to recipients for them to potentially misdirect elsewhere.  Seriously, did he not realize we’ve kind of figured that part out already?

He keeps talking about “his research,”  “his sources,” and yet his only source for the cost of this thing is someone from the probation department at his home county’s court system.

Anyone who’s done the research, not talked it over with “knowledgeable folks” at the local diner, but people who have seriously studied this issue would tell you that it’d cost the State tens of thousands of dollars just to weed out one welfare recipient who tests positive.

Listen to his comment at the end:

“When you’re asking someone for help, you have an obligation to prove that you’re going to use the resources wisely.  That you’re going to use the resources prudently.”

Is he talking about welfare recipients or RobsOhio?  Yeah, I know…

Is there an urine test to see if someone is addicted to stupid pills?