Modern already thoroughly covered the abortion issues that have been floating around Ohio the past few days including Ohio Right to Life’s support for certain anti-abortion bills (and lack of support for one specifically unconstitutional one) along with their attempts to “petition the Governor to install pharmacists with conscience and pro-life convictions to the Board of Pharmacy”.

But reading about Ohio Right to Life in each one of his posts just made me realize (again) what a bunch of hypocrites anti-abortion groups like this can be. If you don’t want to stick around while I vent I completely understand. You will probably disagree with my perspective on this issue so feel free to move on to something else.

Still here?

Ok then. Here it goes…

At first glance it would appear Ohio Right to Life is a group of good Catholics who believe all life is sacred. After all, isn’t that what their their mission statement says?

The mission of Ohio Right to Life is to promote and defend the right to life of all innocent human beings, from the time of fertilization until natural death.

Yay! “Right to Life” for all human beings! Sounds like a great goal. And it is.

Unfortunately, that’s not the goal of Ohio Right to Life. Their mission statement clearly says “all innocent human beings”, and that tends to leave out a pretty large portion actual human beings.

No, the goal of Ohio Right to Life has nothing to do with protecting human lives. If it was, they would have also been out in front of the other big news story that’s been flooding Ohio’s media the past few weeks: capital punishment in Ohio.

Recently Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfeifer – the guy who “helped draft Ohio’s death penalty statute” – asked Gov. John Kasich and the Ohio Legislature to end capital punishment in Ohio.

And this weekend Catholic Bishops in Ohio asked for the same thing

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati and Bishop Frederick Campbell of Columbus are among 10 Catholic church leaders in Ohio who have signed a statement urging the state to stop using the death penalty

The statement signed by the Catholic bishops said they believe capital punishment is wrong in nearly all cases and that “just punishment can occur without resorting to the death penalty.”

I know I’ve said this before but it seems worth bringing up again: how the hell can someone can claim to be Pro-Life without taking a stand against capital punishment?

I don’t think any reasonable person wants to see an increase in abortion or capital punishment. Obviously, neither choice should be made lightly. And every opportunity to reduce the need for and necessity of both should be taken. So I’m not in favor of abortion or capital punishment but I’m not against them either, and I think this is a reasonable stance to take.

And I can also understand if someone has the opposite view. While I don’t necessarily agree with the Catholic perspective on life, I certainly understand and respect it. The idea that ALL life is sacred makes sense, especially if you believe in the Catholic version of God.

But I absolutely can not understand a person who thinks it’s totally fine for a state official to take the life of a living and breathing human being but a hundred or so cells forming a human blastocyst needs to be protected at all costs from the woman in whom the cells are growing.

Ohio Right to Life and other anti-abortion groups like to brand themselves as pro-life groups which leads people to believe they support the protection of all life. But it’s absolutely not true. Call it hypocrisy or lying or maybe just false advertising. Whatever you call it… it stinks.

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