Betty Montgomery Former Ohio Attorney General/Auditor Betty Montgomery was approached twice by the Kasich Administration to serve as the Director of Public Safety, but was turned down both times.

We’ve since learned that Ms. Montgomery will also be named to the Ohio Casino Commission and have reason to believe that she has, this time, accepted the Governor’s appointment.

Meanwhile former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro is moving back into State Government, too.  The Kasich Administration is going to appoint Petro to be the next Chancellor of the Board of Regents to replace current Chancellor/former Congressman Eric Fingerhut.

Petro is a rather curious pick given he hasn’t actually made a name for himself on university policies like Fingerhut, who despite being a Strickland appointee, has been widely regarded as one of the most reform-minded, successful Chancellors in Ohio history.

Blackwell BradleyWith the nomination of Petro and Montgomery, you almost have to feel bad for Ken Blackwell and Jeanette Bradley.  They seem to be the only Republicans still out of State government who used to serve in statewide office in the 1990s-2000s, who DON’T have a position in the Kasich Administration.  How odd.

I’m disappointed to hear that Kasich is replacing Eric Fingerhut with Petro.  I can’t say that I’m surprised.

  • Adrienne Knight

    Not surprised since Mr. Blackwell or Ms. Bradley aren’t white enough. Prince John KKKasich hates black people. I am going to say it every day that he is in office whether out loud or on-line.

  • Jbk12354

    I’m suprised by Petro only because Arshinkoff hates him and is tied into U of Akron. Coingate occured while Montgomery was Auditor. Are there any prizes for the best slot jokes?

  • Anonymous

    You’re becoming our Kanye West?

  • Anastasjoy

    I preferred what Al Sharpton said when asked if he agreed with Kanye that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” He said, “I think George Bush doesn’t care about MOST people.” I’d say that’s true of John Kasich too. If you haven’t made a large donation to his campaign, forget it.

    What really troubles me is that Petro and Montgomery were both intimately connected with Coingate and Tom Noe even if they were not charged with anything. Voters threw the Republicans out due to the scandals. Now they’re back. Where’s the Cleveland Plainly Republican howling its head off? They won’t permit anyone with even a six-degrees-removed suspicion of an acquaintance with Jimmy Dimora or Frank Russo to get by.

  • Anonymous

    Look at it this way, at least they aren’t on the RobsOhio board.

  • Anonymous

    As he has demonstrated, John Kasich’s “New Day” agenda is a bunch of baloney. Kasich, just like most Republicans, has no new ideas. He can’t even come up with any new people in the Republican Party for these positions. Petro and Montgomery and the rest of the former directors from the Taft and Voinovich administrations, are just bringing back the same old same old Republican methods. He is just rearranging the deck chairs. Any bets on how long it will take before we have a scandal similar to coingate?

  • Adrienne Knight

    No he hates most people, but it is clear that he hates black people the most since he is about exclusion. Not appologizing, not explaining since KKKasich has made the point. Our governor hate most people, but especially black people since he must have been sheltered from us. The radical Republican party hates black people unless they say “yessum Mizz Scarlett”. He works for us so not saying that to his evil white rotten a**. Kanye West was almost right, Bush hated people especially non-white, non- rich people. That was his mistake. Can’t see any difference between KKKasich and rotten W. except that Bush was born on third base and ran the wrong way. KKKasich family must be so proud of his evilness. He can go to the devil with rotten Ronnie and MF.

  • Adrienne Knight

    Thanks Anastasia, you made my point for me.

  • Adrienne Knight

    Yes, that makes it so much better. He will figure out a way to blame black people because that is what he and his rotten minions do. That is what has happened for 400 year of black people being in North America. When all else fails blame somebody else. That is the mo of the radical Republicans. Distract or blame someone else. The ninth circle is waiting for him and his evil friends or at least Stephen Colbert

  • Fac union

    Love it! Using it everyday too! And I’m white. (but I was born poor black boy)

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