From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One interesting aspect of the state budget mess to which no one is paying attention is that John Kasich has determined that he doesn’t need any staff representing Ohio’s interests in Washington, DC. Traditionally, Governors have a Washington representative who works closely with our congressional delegation and federal agencies to ensure that legislation and program rules are written in a way that benefits Ohio, and that Ohio gets its fair share when federal money is doled out.

Governor Strickland’s DC office was instrumental in convincing the Obama administration to include direct aid for states in the federal stimulus package – […]

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(Image Source: Joe Weidner, AFSCME Ohio Council 8.)

As mentioned earlier today, State Senator Shannon Jones (R-Springboro) finally unveiled the substantive text of SB 5, a bill that would repeal the right of public employees to collectively bargain at the State level and eviscerate the right of local government and teachers.

However, what nobody expected is the record crowd of opponents who appeared to protest Jones’ bill.

(Image source:  Anthony Caldwell, SEIU1199)

The Ohio AFL-CIO tweeted that someone from the Capitol Square Review Board estimated that 800 people showed up today for […]

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Former Ohio Attorney General/Auditor Betty Montgomery was approached twice by the Kasich Administration to serve as the Director of Public Safety, but was turned down both times.

We’ve since learned that Ms. Montgomery will also be named to the Ohio Casino Commission and have reason to believe that she has, this time, accepted the Governor’s appointment.

Meanwhile former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro is moving back into State Government, too.  The Kasich Administration is going to appoint Petro to be the next Chancellor of the Board of Regents to replace current Chancellor/former Congressman Eric Fingerhut.

Petro is a rather […]

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A credible source has informed us that Governor Kasich is poised to announce that former Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson will be named as the Chair of the Ohio Casino Commission imminently.

Speaker Davidson served as the first (and only) female Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives from 1996 until 2001. This, of course, will solve all of Kasich’s problems regarding that pesky “diversity” issue, right?

During her tenure as Speaker, the House enacted a deregulation of the electricity utilities, a policy so disastrous for Ohio’s economy that Republican Speaker Jon Husted worked with Governor Ted Strickland in […]

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We heard rumors about this yesterday, but the papers are confirming today that “Kasich administration officials are rescinding a three-year, $150 million funding pledge to Ohio’s public-transit agencies that former Gov. Ted Strickland made.”

Part of the funding that has been rescinded was $3.2 million to COTA “for new transit services designed to get people to places that offer jobs or job training.“. And Cleveland got $5.4 million for a similar, job and school-related service expansion.

The thing Kasich and his people don’t seem to understand is that job growth in Ohio is tied to workers’ […]

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Two weeks ago today, the Columbus Dispatch issued an unqualified endorsement of Governor Kasich’s RobsOhio legislation.  It was, and has been, the only newspaper in Ohio to do so.

While every other paper that covers the State, including the conservative Wheeling Intelligencer, has said that the RobsOhio legislature is an affront to transparency and ethics in government.

But not the Columbus Dispatch who said on transparency:

The Kasich team has committed to accountability and transparency in JobsOhio and the reorganization of the Development Department. Sufficient accountability measures would quell concerns about conflicts of interest and potential […]

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Yesterday, Senate President Tom Niehaus (R-New Richmond) announced that today the Senate Insurance, Commerce & Labor Committee will begin hearing testimony on State Sen. Shannon Jones’ SB 5, to eliminate or modify the right of public employees to engage in collective bargaining.

We’re working to see if there’s a more substantive version of the bill because the present bill is just a “placeholder” bill that declares an intent to either modify or eliminate the right for public employees to engage in collective bargaining.

According to an interview in Gongwer, Niehaus has indicated that he believes collective bargaining for […]

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Modern already thoroughly covered the abortion issues that have been floating around Ohio the past few days including Ohio Right to Life’s support for certain anti-abortion bills (and lack of support for one specifically unconstitutional one) along with their attempts to “petition the Governor to install pharmacists with conscience and pro-life convictions to the Board of Pharmacy”.

But reading about Ohio Right to Life in each one of his posts just made me realize (again) what a bunch of hypocrites anti-abortion groups like this can be. If you don’t want to stick around while I vent I […]

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