Story was on the Columbus Dispatch’s “Daily Briefing” blog:

Michael Gonidakis wants to ban all abortions, but the executive director of Ohio Right to Life knows it doesn’t help his cause to fight for bills that he says have no chance of being upheld by the federal courts.

"Unfortunately the court has ruled that states can place limitations on post-viability abortions, but pre-viability there can be zero restrictions," Gonidakis said, adding that the current makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court, with two recent appointments from President Obama, would not reverse that.

"We certainly don’t want the courts to reaffirm Roe (v Wade) with a decision in Ohio."

Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, R-Napoleon, plans to introduce the Heartbeat Bill soon. It would essentially ban abortions starting at about 10 weeks.

"After all, Ohio is the ‘Heart of it all,’ so it’s only fitting that we protect our fellow human beings with beating hearts," said Wachtmann, who chairs the House Health Committee where the bill would likely be assigned. "Already, other states are looking to Ohio to lead the way and provide model legislation for them to pass in their states."

The bill has backing from Faith2Action, the Ohio-based Family First PAC, and some former Ohio Right to Life leaders, including Janet (Folger) Porter, the group’s former legislative director. "When the Heartbeat Bill passes, it will be the most protective law in the nation."

Sounds like there may be some fracturing in the Ohio Right-to-Life community but from purely a political standpoint, Gonidakis is right.  There’s a reason Texas and other right-wing States haven’t dared to pass such a ridiculous law—it’s patently unconstitutional.  And an unconstitutional law is no law at all.

The real issue is that without the support of Ohio Right-to-Life, which is focusing on supporting three other anti-choice bills instead (including Democratic Representative Fende’s bill), will Watchmann’s bill have much political momentum now?

And how much time does the new GOP majority in the House really want to be seen spending on the politics of abortions instead of jobs?

I dunno.  But I know this.  When Ohio Right to Life says you’ve gone too far on abortion, you’ve gone too far on abortion.

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