One of the odder areas where the Ohio Senate Republicans decided that Governor Strickland’s appointments should be rejected for no other reason than they were Strickland’s appointments was the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. 

Although most Statehouse observers understood the political motivations behind Kasich wanting to have the full slate on the Casino Commission, BWC, and the Board of Education, more obscure entities which are viewed as typically apolitical like the Ohio Pharmacy Board struck people as rather odd.

Now we know why they did it.  Remember outgoing Senate President Bill Harris said that the GOP would block any appointment where Kasich felt he needed room to impact policy he supported.  Yes, this even included the Ohio Pharmacy Board.

According to LifeNews, the Ohio Right to Life is claiming that the Senate’s move was made to keep two slots open so that Ohio Right to Life could get two of its supporters onto the Board.  Why would Ohio Right to Life be interested in the Ohio Pharmacy Board?

Right to Life of Cincinnati emailed its members today asking pro-life advocates to “politely but firmly petition the Governor to install pharmacists with conscience and pro-life convictions to the Board of Pharmacy. Please let PharmAid know of any pro-life Ohio pharmacist who would be willing to have their name(s) submitted for one of the Ohio BOP appointments.”

Bo Kuhar, the executive director of Pharmacists for Life (PharmAid) has also been mobilizing pro-life advocates to make an impact, even those who are not from Ohio..

“We will also need assistance by pharmacists and the public, even if they are not in Ohio, to write to the Governor to appoint pharmacists of conscience to the BOP,” he said.

Yep, they want to write into Ohio’s pharmacy regulations that pharmacist should have the right to put their personal conscious about abortion issues over the right of the individual to get a lawful prescription filled that has anything to do with abortion or family planning, like prescription emergency contraception.

Pharmacist Because we should allow another medical professional come between the decision made by a patient and a doctor for no other reason that that professional’s moral opinion.  What’s next?  Southern Baptist doctors not treating people with liver problems because the patient drinks alcohol?  Scientologist psychiatrists?  I’m sorry, but as a lawyer I don’t get to chose to deny services simply because I personally or morally disagree with my client’s choices. 

What they really want to do is get these “conscious objector” provisions written into law and then publicly harass every pharmacist in Ohio until they agree to “consciously objecting” to filling such medications.

But this is what the Ohio Senate Republicans allowed when they put their loyalty to their political party above their constitutional obligations and unjustly rejected hundreds of Governor Strickland’s qualified nominations.

I wonder if Ohio Right to Life believes that pharmacist should stop giving out the “stupid pill” the entire State of Ohio must have taken to get this government.

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