From the daily archives: Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seriously, has Kasich’s folks even read the Ohio Constitution at any point?

Today, the Governor released a statement indicating that he has asked the Ohio Parol Board to examine the case and give a recommendation.  That is a totally appropriate thing under the law for the Governor to consider.  What isn’t proper is what the Governor asked the Parol Board to examine.  According to the Governor’s prepared release:

“Today Gov. John R. Kasich announced that he has instructed the Ohio Parole Board to review the case of Kelley Williams-Bolar and make a recommendation to him to determine if […]

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Story was on the Columbus Dispatch’s “Daily Briefing” blog:

Michael Gonidakis wants to ban all abortions, but the executive director of Ohio Right to Life knows it doesn’t help his cause to fight for bills that he says have no chance of being upheld by the federal courts.

"Unfortunately the court has ruled that states can place limitations on post-viability abortions, but pre-viability there can be zero restrictions," Gonidakis said, adding that the current makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court, with two recent appointments from President Obama, would not reverse that.

"We certainly don’t want the courts […]

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One of the odder areas where the Ohio Senate Republicans decided that Governor Strickland’s appointments should be rejected for no other reason than they were Strickland’s appointments was the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. 

Although most Statehouse observers understood the political motivations behind Kasich wanting to have the full slate on the Casino Commission, BWC, and the Board of Education, more obscure entities which are viewed as typically apolitical like the Ohio Pharmacy Board struck people as rather odd.

Now we know why they did it.  Remember outgoing Senate President Bill Harris said that the GOP would block any appointment […]

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Before the 2010 elections, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine caused a stir in his party when he commented that the party needed to focus on economic issues and move away from social “hot button” issues that had dominated the party’s dialogue, pumped up its base, but at the expense of the appealing to the middle.

Regardless of the social conservatives uproar in response to his comments, the reality is that the 2010 campaign largely played off DeWine’s viewpoint.  None of the GOP’s statewide candidates, from Rob Portman to John Kasich and down the […]

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