Matt LundyState Representative Matt Lundy (D-Elyria) is a former television reporter.  He is a member of both the House State Government Committee and the House Finance Committee that heard testimony on Am. Sub. H.B. 1 to create Governor Kasich’s “RobsOhio” private entity.

During both committee hearings and during the floor debate, Representative Lundy introduced a number of amendments to make RobsOhio more transparent and accountable, only to see them rejected wholesale by unanimous Republican opposition.

Today, Representative Lundy introduced the “Taxpayers’ Right to Know” Act:

It will ensure transparency and accountability for public records in any public-private partnership the state creates.

State Representative Lundy must clearly believe that the cloak of secrecy will not be worn solely by RobsOhio, but Governor Kasich’s other expected privatization efforts, too.   Check out how Rep. Lundy started his press conference to make his point.

We’re still working to get a copy of the bill and more information.  Marc Kovac at Ohio Capital Blog should have footage of Lundy’s press conference up sometime later today, too.

If you happen to be represented by Rep. Lundy, give his office a call and thank him for fighting for good government principles like transparency and strong ethics policies. 

[UPDATE:] A draft of the bill, which has yet to be formally introduced, is attached below.

Taxpayer’s Right to Know Act

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