For all the whining and complaining we do about Ohio’s reporters being lazy, there are a few stars out there that continue to produce great original work. Today’s piece by Laura Bischoff is a good example.

The take away from the article: Kasich is sexist and doesn’t think woman can handle responsibility as well as men.

The point is summed up nicely in a quote by State Sen. Shirley Smith commenting on Kasich’s statement about his wife making the “little decisions”:

“That is his mindset. He feels like he wants to leave all the small things to the women. He is Neanderthal in his thinking,” Smith said. “He is stuck in time.”

Kasich’s appointments include 17 men and four women which is far different than both previous Governors who had many more women in their cabinets. But it’s not just the number of women that is telling, it’s also the assignments they are given:

A Dayton Daily News review of salaries showed little difference between the men and women. However, Kasich’s four female agency directors oversee average annual budgets of $441 million, compared to $1.93 billion for the men. The average staff size for the women-led departments is 760 compared to 2,500 for those led by men.

A reader sent me a song recently that I think sums up the situation nicely. It’s called White Boys. Enjoy…

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