From the daily archives: Monday, February 7, 2011

In case you’ve been living in a cocoon, you’re all familiar with the news about Kelley Williams-Bolar, the Summit County mom who a jury unanimously convicted of third-degree tampering with records for enrolling her kids in a school district other than the one she lived in.  The case has gotten international attention.  Unfortunately, none of that has resulted in an attention to any detail.  As a result, a number of “myths” about the case has arisen.  I’m going to tackle a number of them first before I get to the issue of whether Governor Kasich should pardon Ms. Williams-Bolar.

I. […]

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For all the whining and complaining we do about Ohio’s reporters being lazy, there are a few stars out there that continue to produce great original work. Today’s piece by Laura Bischoff is a good example.

The take away from the article: Kasich is sexist and doesn’t think woman can handle responsibility as well as men.

The point is summed up nicely in a quote by State Sen. Shirley Smith commenting on Kasich’s statement about his wife making the “little decisions”:

“That is his mindset. He feels like he wants to leave all the small things to the women. […]

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State Representative Matt Lundy (D-Elyria) is a former television reporter.  He is a member of both the House State Government Committee and the House Finance Committee that heard testimony on Am. Sub. H.B. 1 to create Governor Kasich’s “RobsOhio” private entity.

During both committee hearings and during the floor debate, Representative Lundy introduced a number of amendments to make RobsOhio more transparent and accountable, only to see them rejected wholesale by unanimous Republican opposition.

Today, Representative Lundy introduced the “Taxpayers’ Right to Know” Act:

It will ensure transparency and accountability for public records in any public-private partnership the state creates. […]

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Just when you thought there was nothing left in the political theater disaster that was Kasich’s first-week press conference taking credit for the issuance of an Ohio air pollution permit, the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s “PolitiFact” comes up with a major fact we all missed:

After receiving comments from the company during the 30-day draft period that lasted until mid-December 2010, the EPA "revised the final permit twice to try and address their concerns and was ready to issue the final permit" during Strickland’s last week in office, [chief of the Division of Air Pollution Control] Hodanbosi wrote.

But the company […]

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