Kasich’s fans – and even people who work in his office – were all over Twitter yesterday sending around a link to the George Will piece that appeared in today’s Washington Post.

The piece basically is list of all of Ohio’s problems as seen through the eyes of an elitist conservative who lives in DC, along with a list of talking points that seems to have been fed to him directly by Kasich and his staff.

He even throws in the ‘son of a mailman’ blue-collar crap that Kasich spent the entire campaign spewing and that no one except maybe a guy who wore blue jeans once in his entire life believes:

The son of a mailman – and a goulash of Central European ethnicities (Hungarian, Czech, Croatian) – Kasich appeals to the blue-collar workers whom Democrats have been losing since the 1960s.

Do I need to cover all of the reasons why this is untrue? Why working folks in Ohio dislike John Kasich? (He thinks they are lazy, he wants to break the backs of unions, he wants to take away their right to binding arbitration and their right to strike, the list goes on)

Obviously this article is a big fluff piece written by a well known conservative intended to put John Kasich is the best possible light.

And sure, it makes sense that the special assistant to the Governor and Kasich’s pals would be tweeting this story. But it’s certainly not “news” by any stretch of the imagination.

So I was absolutely blown away when I went to governor.ohio.gov and saw Kasich had put this article at the top of his News list.

It’s even more screwed up because there is REAL news actually happening that the Governor should be commenting on – and no, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl.

For example, early this morning twelve students were shot at Youngstown State University. One of the students already died.

The President of YSU and the Mayor of Youngstown put out statements this morning.

Kasich posted a link to a flattering opinion piece in the Washington Post.

It’s hard to tell if John Kasich is just lazy and unaware or an obnoxiously self-centered guy who really doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I’m not sure it really matters because the outcome is still the same.

If John Kasich expects people to treat him like a leader then he needs to start acting like one. So far it seems like he’s expecting to get all of the benefits of being Governor without having to do any of the work.