Kasich’s fans – and even people who work in his office – were all over Twitter yesterday sending around a link to the George Will piece that appeared in today’s Washington Post.

The piece basically is list of all of Ohio’s problems as seen through the eyes of an elitist conservative who lives in DC, along with a list of talking points that seems to have been fed to him directly by Kasich and his staff.

He even throws in the ‘son of a mailman’ blue-collar crap that Kasich spent the entire campaign spewing and that no one except maybe a guy who wore blue jeans once in his entire life believes:

The son of a mailman – and a goulash of Central European ethnicities (Hungarian, Czech, Croatian) – Kasich appeals to the blue-collar workers whom Democrats have been losing since the 1960s.

Do I need to cover all of the reasons why this is untrue? Why working folks in Ohio dislike John Kasich? (He thinks they are lazy, he wants to break the backs of unions, he wants to take away their right to binding arbitration and their right to strike, the list goes on)

Obviously this article is a big fluff piece written by a well known conservative intended to put John Kasich is the best possible light.

And sure, it makes sense that the special assistant to the Governor and Kasich’s pals would be tweeting this story. But it’s certainly not “news” by any stretch of the imagination.

So I was absolutely blown away when I went to governor.ohio.gov and saw Kasich had put this article at the top of his News list.

It’s even more screwed up because there is REAL news actually happening that the Governor should be commenting on – and no, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl.

For example, early this morning twelve students were shot at Youngstown State University. One of the students already died.

The President of YSU and the Mayor of Youngstown put out statements this morning.

Kasich posted a link to a flattering opinion piece in the Washington Post.

It’s hard to tell if John Kasich is just lazy and unaware or an obnoxiously self-centered guy who really doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I’m not sure it really matters because the outcome is still the same.

If John Kasich expects people to treat him like a leader then he needs to start acting like one. So far it seems like he’s expecting to get all of the benefits of being Governor without having to do any of the work.

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  • mvirenicus

    bashing republicans is easy. i’m more interested in how the green bay packers are gonna whoop some stiller ass!

  • Is that on tonight?

  • Tpiteo65

    as a blue collar union worker King John can kiss my a**. what a hypocrite, he benefits from his so called union working dad then treats labor like crap.

  • mvirenicus

    damned right it’s on and the packers are TRYING to give the game to those pittsburgh pansies. woot!

  • You formally have my permission to use the word ASS whenever you are talking about John Kasich, Tpiteo65.

  • You formally have my permission to use the word ASS whenever you are talking about John Kasich, Tpiteo65.

  • 1. we miss you, mvirenicus. stick around this time!

    2. 2 minute warning – 6 point game. I think you should be fine…

  • 1. we miss you, mvirenicus. stick around this time!

    2. 2 minute warning – 6 point game. I think you should be fine…

  • mvirenicus

    i don’t care about american politics anymore. it’s a sham. wake me when the revolution hits the streets. just like to say hi once in a while. oh, and…

    the pack won!

  • Guest

    He’s lazy and evil.

  • Leeseh

    You think that’s bad, you should see Joe Hallet’s article in the Columbus Disgrace this morning about how the lobbyist have “gotten the message”. Please

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Yet another predictable, factless attack by you. Seriously, get a dog or a hobby because you’re hatred of this side of the aisle can’t be healthy.

    Yeah, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck are just ambassadors of brotherly love alright.

  • Anonymous

    I actually thought the one he wrote yesterday about Kasich wanting to replace Kevin DeWine as head of the ORP was far more interesting.

  • Anonymous

    It’s typical ego. As the titular head of the party, Kasich feels the need to put his thumbprint on ORP. Not really any different than how Clinton, Bush, and Obama put their respective fingerprints on their national party committees. The part I loved about Hallett’s column was him talking about just how weak Kasich’s political hand is.

    I can’t tell you how many people told me during the campaign that Kevin DeWine was a dead man walking no matter what happened. If they lost, he’d get saddled for the blame, but if Kasich won, he’d want to replace DeWine with Doug Priesse.

    Kasich has no real case against DeWine. I sure as hell couldn’t make one after the 2010 elections. It’s just power and ego.

  • M_hauenstein

    OK, I feel better. I got that much out of it, but I was looking for a “deeper” purpose or some undercurrent.

  • Rgtmwlly

    You just compared yourself to Rush Limbaugh. Nice Freudian slip.

  • Anonymous

    No, I didn’t. Nice reading comprehension.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Is George Will looking for a job?I am sure Kasich has one more position for a middle aged white guy– I personally think hes ( George Will) one of the most boring people I have ever seen —

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    sorry but the only point of view Kasich has is me Tarzan ,,,, you Jane
    yes his parents have passed but so have many others —
    it doesnt appear that he has the well being of Ohio at heart
    hes to busy trying to be King of the jungle
    but this attitude is what I see of all republican supporters — they arent right all the time like they think

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