From the daily archives: Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kasich’s fans – and even people who work in his office – were all over Twitter yesterday sending around a link to the George Will piece that appeared in today’s Washington Post.

The piece basically is list of all of Ohio’s problems as seen through the eyes of an elitist conservative who lives in DC, along with a list of talking points that seems to have been fed to him directly by Kasich and his staff.

He even throws in the ‘son of a mailman’ blue-collar crap that Kasich spent the entire campaign spewing and that no one except maybe […]

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During the RobsOhio debate, House Minority Leader Budish mentioned that Kasich seems to be more interested in acting as a king, not Governor.  It’s a sentiment that I, and others here, have shared.

It got me thinking of this old Disney song from “Robin Hood.”  (Having a toddler makes everything into a Disney song.)

I’m thinkin’ about changing my userid here to “Robin Esquire.”  What do you think?

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