The Associated Press beat us to the punch.

According to the Associated Press, public records shows that it costs the Ohio EPA $4,300 in transportation costs and another $1,150 in venue costs so that Governor Kasich could lecture the employees for talking to the media and revealing that he was engaged in staging false political theater in claiming that his Administration had quickly resolved an air permit that had “languished” for twenty months.

The reality was that the permit had essentially already been cleared to be issued by the Strickland Administration after it was delayed due to the company’s delay in rectifying a violation of Ohio’s environmental laws.

In other news, I’m starting to wonder if Rob Nichols is iced in this week.  He seems to not be available much:

Messages seeking comment from the agency and the governor’s office about the cost of the meeting were not immediately returned.

Shouldn’t this have come out of the Governor’s office budget?  Seriously, they spent over $5,000 out of the agency’s budget just so Kasich could lecture the employees about talking to the press?

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