From the daily archives: Thursday, February 3, 2011

John Kasich is using the budget as an excuse to push through every radical, ideologically extreme idea he’s ever had.  Today, the Governor spoke at the Greater Cleveland Partnership and said, according to the Crain’s Cleveland Business Journal:

Because funds are tight, he said he might find money for incentives to new businesses by privatizing state assets; he used the Ohio Turnpike as, he emphasized, a hypothetical example. He said he could lease the Ohio Turnpike for $3 billion and use most of that money, after repaying $600 million in outstanding turnpike debt, to attract business to Ohio. […]

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The Associated Press beat us to the punch.

According to the Associated Press, public records shows that it costs the Ohio EPA $4,300 in transportation costs and another $1,150 in venue costs so that Governor Kasich could lecture the employees for talking to the media and revealing that he was engaged in staging false political theater in claiming that his Administration had quickly resolved an air permit that had “languished” for twenty months.

The reality was that the permit had essentially already been cleared to be issued by the Strickland Administration after it was delayed due […]

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Okay, looks like I missed a spot in my analysis of the RobsOhio legislation that the Associated Press picked up today.

An apparent loophole in legislation creating Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s new semi-private job-creation board could allow panel members to take job-seeking trips paid for by corporations without having to report them to the public.

The bill establishing JobsOhio requires that only "actual expenditures" on travel, meals or lodging be reported. That phrasing would seem to exclude plane rides, dinners and hotel rooms that companies may offer to Kasich’s economic development team as they seek to bring […]

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During my testimony last week, I was asked if RobsOhio was constitutional.  I said in my legal opinion the entity itself is probably constitutional, but Director Kvamme’s claim that it could become self-funding by acquiring an equitable interest in the companies it assisted would violate Art. VIII, Sec. 4 of the Ohio Constitution.

I probably should have revised my answer because I neglected that Director Kvamme’s testimony that the private companies who provide funding to assist JobsOhio would get equity in JobsOhio would probably then rendered it also unconstitutional under the same provision.

In today’s Columbus […]

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