Seriously, is Kevin Dewine kidding?

"This month serves as an important reminder to Republicans that our party must work every day to achieve diversity. Our conservative principles are shared by many in the African American community, but we need to do more to transform those common values into partisan affiliation.

“Ohio Republicans have worked hard to advance opportunity and diversity in public service, becoming the first party to elect an African American county sheriff, county commissioner, state legislator, statewide executive, state supreme court justice, and lieutenant governor. Ohio Republicans also nominated the first African American candidate for governor.

“Despite those firsts, our party has a long way to go. We must do more to build on our accomplishments, communicate them to our constituents and improve on our diversity. I challenge every Republican to think toward those ends as we set aside this month to celebrate the contribution of black Americans to our nation’s heritage.”

This is THREE MONTHS after the Ohio Republican Party supported a candidate against the only statewide African-American officeholder who portrayed him as a black Muslim!

You’d have to go back twenty years to find the last time the Ohio GOP ran a statewide ticket with no African-American candidate even on the primary ballot.  It ran no African-American candidates for Congress.  I don’t think it ran a single African-American candidate for the State House or Senate.  According to the Ohio Black Republicans Association, there are only three African-Americans in the State Party’s Central Committee.  There are no African-American Republican Mayors, County Commissioners, or appellate court judges.  In fact, there is only one African-American non-judicial Republican county officeholder in the entire State of Ohio!

There are actually less Republican African-Americans in leadership positions in Ohio today than during the last two decades!

And John Kasich just today trotted out an outdated African-American hire to try to quell criticism of the utter lack of diversity in his Administration after admitting that he had told an African-American State Senator he didn’t need “her people.”  That hire, of course, was for the job of Minority Outreach, which apparently is the only think Kasich believes an African-American is the best possible person for a job in his Administration.

The Ohio Republican Party might have a history of the advancement of African-Americans, but that’s all it is… history.  As the Ohio Democratic Party pushes Ohio to turn the page of history forward on civil rights issue and issue, Republicans like John Kasich keep wanting to thumb back a few pages and revisit the past.

  • Anonymous

    When I read, “Ohio Republicans have worked hard to advance public service and diversity….,” I had to run to get my hip boots to read the rest of that b.s. Kevin DeWine and the Old White Guys of the Ohio Republican Party have done everything possible to discourage, insult, and dismiss the concerns of minorities and women. I still remember how the Republicans sent an inadequate amount of voting machines to predominantly minority voting precincts (2004), how they send “poll watchers” to question and discourage minority voters, threw names off voting rolls, etc., etc. Shenanigans like that will not win any minority voters/candidates to the Ohio GOP.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a target rich environment for mockery for sure.

  • Anonymous

    I bet LBJ and Kennedy would disagree with your notion that the Democratic Party didn’t fight for civil rights. Don’t get Dixecrat and Democrat confused. The Dixiecrat Party of the Civil Rights era is clearly the modern Republican Party now.

  • Anonymous

    LOL….Or maybe if the titular head of the party in Ohio wasn’t saying that to hire more minorities would require him to lower his standards….

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    This has always been a sore spot with me — that these men think they can actually make a law saying I have no rights over my own “self”
    I think its time for a vasectomy law — and we get to pick who gets one !!

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