Kasich Inauguration

Let’s look back at the one-month anniversary of Ohio’s least popular politician.

During the transition period, we criticized the Governor for the shocking lack of diversity in his Administration—a point later condemned by media outlets that had endorsed the Governor like the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Kasich then took office after a flair up of controversies about the lack of transparency in Kasich’s inaugural activities… this after Kasich during the transition refused to release the resumes of those who applied for jobs in his Administration.

We prayed that the new Governor would be a better Governor than he was a Governor-elect.  He proved that God isn’t answering our prayer… at least not yet.


Civil Rights

Fiscal conservatism fail:

Public opinion


Culture of Corruption

That’s all that occurred in the first month of the Administration.  But I bet I missed something on this list, too.  All in all, we’ve had our best month of traffic ever, even if you excluded the MLK, Jr. resolution.  Thank you.

Let’s hope the next forty-seven months aren’t nearly this eventful.  I don’t think we could keep up.

  • guest

    YAY, but who’s counting.
    Thanks again for keeping him and them honest.

  • Anonymous

    Wow- what a litany of FAIL. And you didn’t even mention his throwing away the passenger rail money. It’s too overwhelming to remember it all.

  • Anonymous

    Wow- what a litany of FAIL. And you didn’t even mention his throwing away the passenger rail money. It’s too overwhelming to remember it all.

  • Anonymous

    We didn’t mention it because that occurred BEFORE he took office. I think it occurred in December, too.

  • Anonymous

    now THAT is a record of accomplishment!

  • ThatDeborahGirl

    I guess losing the “3C” and “Race to the Top”funding doesn’t count for January, since he lost those in December before he even took office.

  • Anonymous

    So far, the U.S. Department of Education is indicating that Ohio will get to keep the Race to Top funding.

  • Anonymous

    Great recap Brian! 1432 Days till Sanity returns. Goodnight and good luck (cuz we are gonna need it).

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t want Ohioans reading this site? 😉 As I said on Twitter, when did this small government conservative turn Ohio into a LITERAL nanny State?

  • Joseosola

    What I meant was that this is a great blog.

  • Charley :)

    The campaign will kick off in about 36 months; that’s enough time to do the “P90X” routine about 12 times, along with 3 more BCS wins for the Buckeyes and at least one more Steeler Super Bowl. Oh yes; and re-elect the President of the United States of America.

  • Anonymous

    By then I will be amazingly cut when I announce my run for the Democratic nomination for Governor…. oh wait, I’ve said too much. 😉

  • Is there really no way in Ohio to recall this barbarian?

  • Anonymous

    Thank YOU for reading and engaging here!

  • Anonymous

    You used an analogy I’ve been giving. The Kasich Administration is what would happen if Fox News was allowed to run a State.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Ohio is definitely moving at the speed of business now. Too bad it’s Enron.

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