Kasich Inauguration

Let’s look back at the one-month anniversary of Ohio’s least popular politician.

During the transition period, we criticized the Governor for the shocking lack of diversity in his Administration—a point later condemned by media outlets that had endorsed the Governor like the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Kasich then took office after a flair up of controversies about the lack of transparency in Kasich’s inaugural activities… this after Kasich during the transition refused to release the resumes of those who applied for jobs in his Administration.

We prayed that the new Governor would be a better Governor than he was a Governor-elect.  He proved that God isn’t answering our prayer… at least not yet.


Civil Rights

Fiscal conservatism fail:

Public opinion


Culture of Corruption

That’s all that occurred in the first month of the Administration.  But I bet I missed something on this list, too.  All in all, we’ve had our best month of traffic ever, even if you excluded the MLK, Jr. resolution.  Thank you.

Let’s hope the next forty-seven months aren’t nearly this eventful.  I don’t think we could keep up.