In an obvious attempt to quell the criticism of the lack of diversity in his cabinet and staff, Governor Kasich released another one of his archaic WHEREAS-style resolutions today (more on that in an upcoming post), this one reproclaiming February Black History Month.

Speaking of reproclaiming things for political purposes, Kasich also announced the appointment of his Director of Minority Affairs:

Kasich announced the appointment of Lynn Stevens as Director of Minority Affairs. Stevens is responsible for minority outreach and will act as a liaison to Ohio’s minority communities.

He forgot to mention one thing though: Lynn has already been on his staff for nearly a month.

Reviewing the salary data we published on January 6th you’ll see that Lynn Stevens was ALREADY the Director of Minority Affairs and has been serving in this position for nearly a month.

I guess we can also assume this is his only black staff member, otherwise he would have reannounced other appointments as well.

I bet this announcement seemed like a really good idea to all the white people sitting around at the emergency staff meeting…