Curious nugget from the Dayton Daily News item on JobsOhio passing the Ohio House today:

William G. BatchelderHouse Speaker William Batchelder, R-Medina, said he thought Budish’s rhetoric was “somewhat extreme.” Batchelder, a former state appeals court judge, said, however, that he also has concerns – which he wouldn’t detail – about the bill. He said that he hopes they can be worked out in the Senate.

Wait, what?!?  Batchelder has concerns about the bill that his caucus unanimously supported today?

Who set this bill on the fast track to go from being introduced a week ago, instant committee hearings in which every Democratic amendment was tabled automatically, to a quick floor vote today?

Isn’t that something the Speaker of the House had control over?  Why was there not a single Republican floor amendment today to deal with these concerns?  Why was his caucus whipped to unanimously support the bill today?

What the hell is going on in the Ohio House of Representatives?  Did Bill Batchelder forget that he’s the Speaker of the House of Representatives and not Governor Kasich’s aide?