From the daily archives: Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Curious nugget from the Dayton Daily News item on JobsOhio passing the Ohio House today:

House Speaker William Batchelder, R-Medina, said he thought Budish’s rhetoric was “somewhat extreme.” Batchelder, a former state appeals court judge, said, however, that he also has concerns – which he wouldn’t detail – about the bill. He said that he hopes they can be worked out in the Senate.

Wait, what?!?  Batchelder has concerns about the bill that his caucus unanimously supported today?

Who set this bill on the fast track to go from being introduced a week ago, instant committee hearings in […]

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By a vote of 59-38, a strict party-line vote, the Ohio House of Representatives passed Am. Sub. H.B. 1 to create Kasich’s JobsOhioRobsOhio—the privatization of the Ohio Department of Development.  The bill goes to the Senate for a mockery of committee hearings and quick party-line vote passage.

Technical difficulties plagued my ability to watch the debate but by a strict party-line vote the Republican majority defeated every amendment (all of which were offered by Democrats) to improve the accountability, transparency, and ethical safeguards of the bill.

House Republican after Republican claimed it was false to suggest that RobsOhio would potentially […]

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Seriously, is Kevin Dewine kidding?

"This month serves as an important reminder to Republicans that our party must work every day to achieve diversity. Our conservative principles are shared by many in the African American community, but we need to do more to transform those common values into partisan affiliation.

“Ohio Republicans have worked hard to advance opportunity and diversity in public service, becoming the first party to elect an African American county sheriff, county commissioner, state legislator, statewide executive, state supreme court justice, and lieutenant governor. Ohio Republicans also nominated the first African American candidate for governor.


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Let’s look back at the one-month anniversary of Ohio’s least popular politician.

During the transition period, we criticized the Governor for the shocking lack of diversity in his Administration—a point later condemned by media outlets that had endorsed the Governor like the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Kasich then took office after a flair up of controversies about the lack of transparency in Kasich’s inaugural activities… this after Kasich during the transition refused to release the resumes of those who applied for jobs in his Administration.

We prayed that […]

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Ed does a whole segment on Kasich’s non-diverse cabinet, the Plunderbund-identified MLK mix-up, and has Nina Turner on for a long interview to discuss the issue.

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In an obvious attempt to quell the criticism of the lack of diversity in his cabinet and staff, Governor Kasich released another one of his archaic WHEREAS-style resolutions today (more on that in an upcoming post), this one reproclaiming February Black History Month.

Speaking of reproclaiming things for political purposes, Kasich also announced the appointment of his Director of Minority Affairs:

Kasich announced the appointment of Lynn Stevens as Director of Minority Affairs. Stevens is responsible for minority outreach and will act as a liaison to Ohio’s minority communities.

He forgot to mention one thing though: Lynn […]

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