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What do you do when you are the communication director and reports of your boss, who is besieged with stories about an indifference to diversity, says “I don’t need your people”?

Well, if you’re Rob Nichols, you look at your $90k/yr. paycheck, thank god for convince them to give you that big raise as your starting salary and spin, spin, spin so you get this lede in Politico instead:

“Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols confirmed to POLITICO that the governor did tell Turner he didn’t need her “people,” but said he meant it in an entirely partisan way.” (emphasis […]

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(HT: Jo Ingles at WOSU/NRP Statehouse Correspondent)

Yesterday, I was testifying in front of the House Finance and Appropriation Committee about how these programs don’t work and how three of the top five States in unemployment have these entities.

One of those entities is Florida—the State John Kasich LOVED to say Ohio should model itself off of during the campaign.

Little did I know that at that same time, newly elected Governor Rick Scott of Florida was declaring publicly that he was largely ending Florida’s experimentation with public-private economic development:

Gov. Rick Scott has proposed restoring […]

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Just about every month last year, I’d do a post about Ohio’s unemployment figures and show how the State was already in an economic recovery that the media refused to acknowledge during the political campaign.  Almost inevitably, Jon Keeling at Third Base Politics would essentially try to write a rebuttal post denying that Ohio was in any sort of economic recovery.

First, let’s start with a graph Keeling like to use over and over again.  It comes from Governor Strickland’s Council of Economic Advisors, an entity comprised of the leading economic forecasters in Ohio’s private market.  The economic […]

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The 3C passenger rail was treated by the Ohio media has a highly unpopular proposal by the Strickland Administration.  However, my quick research found only these three public opinion polls on the issue

Date Organization Voters Support Oppose 3/17/09 Quinnipiac RV 64% 29% 1/10 Ohio Poll LV* 41% 52% 8/25/10 Columbus Dispatch RV 42% 50%

* The Ohio Poll’s likely voter model last year was widely criticized throughout the year for overweighing the Republican vote and underweighing the Democratic vote.  Eventually, they adjusted their models and after that adjustment still got a result that […]

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As I was leaving today’s JobsOhio hearing, I ran into several dozen protestors from SCLC marching around the Statehouse protesting the lack of diversity in John Kasich’s Administration. 

Meanwhile, the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus held a press conference in which they protested the lack of diversity in Kasich. (Source: Marc Kovac at Ohio Capitol Blog).

State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) talks about a recent caucus meeting with the Governor in which Senator Turner offered to assist Governor Kasich in finding quality candidates of color for his Administration, Governor Kasich replied:

“I don’t need your […]

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Seriously, I was treated respectfully at today’s House Finance & Appropriation Committee, and I was honored that I was given an opportunity to testify against Sub. H. B. 1 today.  Franklin County GOP Chairman Doug Priesse even came up to talk to me and complimented me on my presentation (he also made it clear he disagrees with everything I said.)  Still, very classy.

Still, today the House Finance and Appropriation Committee appropriated $1 million of your tax dollars after hearing from nobody but Kasich’s Development Director, OBM Director, and me.  That’s it.

I had no illusions that anything I said […]

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In its current form the JobsOhio proposal, which passed out of the Finance and Appropriations Committee today in HB1, is a complete slap in the face to transparency, ethics and accountability standards that we expect from any group or people who will be handling OUR money.

During yesterday’s (and today’s) hearings on HB1 the Democrats introduced a series of amendments that would have helped, at least a little, plug some of this bill’s gaping holes. Each and every one was tabled by the Republicans.

Fedor – require financial disclosure by employees Clyde – prohibit incentives to companies that […]

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Despite it being my birthday (thanks for not remembering, btw), I kiss my three-year-old son on his forehead and my wife and made the nearly two hour drive to testify in opposition to Governor Kasich’s JobsOhio plan.

Attached is a copy of my prepared remarks:

BRH Opponent Testimony to JobsOhio

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With the change in administrations changes are happening at all state agencies. New leadership. New goals. New priorities. And, as it turns out, new TV channels as well.

Plunderbund has just learned that the Ohio Department of Transportation’s cafeteria, which used to show CNN during the day, has recently been ordered by ODOT’s HR department to ONLY show Fox News (Kasich’s former employer).

First thoughts: is ODOT’s Human Resources paying someone to hang around the TV to yell at you if you change the channel? Did they just post a nasty memo? Or did they just take the cheap route […]

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I don’t often agree with Matt Mayer of the Buckeye Institute but his tweet this afternoon was dead on:

Not even the Buckeye Institute, a conservative group that promotes job creation and entrepreneurship, believes Kasich and Kvamme’s lies about transparency and ethics rules hindering the job creation abilities of JobsOhio and the Department of Development.

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Today’s JobsOhio hearing is about to start (check Twitter and I’ll update you if anything interesting happens). While you’re waiting I thought you might like to read Mark Kvamme’s testimony from yesterday. (see below)

Some quick notes: It’s very clear from Kvamme’s testimony at the JobsOhio hearing yesterday that he doesn’t know how state government works – and he doesn’t seem to care. This shouldn’t surprise anyone given that the guy who hired him has no clue either. And yet both men are making downright false claims that existing government regulations get in the way of development.

For example, Kvamme […]

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