On Friday I wrote a post about the ineligibility of two of Kasich’s recent Ethics Commission appointees – one Democrat and one Republican – based on the fact that these two appointees were listed on the Franklin County Board of Elections’ website as “unaffiliated.”

I questioned the eligibility of these two candidates based on the fact that the ORC specifically requires the appointees to belong to one of “the two major political parties” and the county records generally serve as a litmus test for party affiliation.

This weekend I received a number of emails about the Democratic appointee from friends and readers of Plunderbund expressing support for Ms. Gall and assurances that she is, in fact, a Democrat and not “unaffiliated”.

I was informed that Ms. Gall has a strong background in Democratic politics (she worked for Democratic Attorney General Bill Brown for example) and I also received a certified copy of Ms. Gall’s application for a Democratic ballot in the May 2010 primary. While this doesn’t “prove” she voted in the primary (though I have been assured that she did), I think it’s sufficient evidence to question the accuracy of the information on the FCBE website and of my original assumption.

I wish Ms. Gall the best of luck with her appointment to the Ethics Commission. I’m confident she won’t have any problems getting her appointment approved by the Senate and I’m sure she is going to have a LOT of work ahead of her over the next few years.