Jump into Ann Fisher’s show today around 48 minutes in and you’ll hear this wonderful exchange between Mark Kvamme and Ann.


Ann asks Mark “What is it about the state of Ohio that sets it apart?”

Kvamme quickly responds that it’s Ohio’s central location and its excellent transportation system: “we have rivers, we have railroads.”

Ann’s reporter training kicks in and she asks the perfect follow up question:

“What about the idea that the governor turned down 400 million in federal grants for passenger rail in the state of ohio?” asks Ann

Uh… hmm… ehhhh…

“I think it’s probably best for you to ask the governor’s office about that” replies Kvamme.

The Governor’s private industry business expert, who two seconds earlier claimed one of Ohio’s most attractive features to businesses is its rail infrastructure, just refused to answer a question about Kasich’s decision to send $400 million in rail funding back to Kvamme’s home state of California.

  • kininmont@mac.com

    Kvamme previously admitted publicly that he did not know much about government/government policies. Guess that true since he stated ““I think it’s probably best for you to ask the governor’s office about that”. As a member of the Governor’s Cabinet, HE is part of the governor’s office and represents the Governor on economic development. Who better to ask?

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Anonymous

    No kidding. Kvamme is a really nice guy in person. Really infectious energy… and no clue on matters of public policy or constitutional limits on State power in Ohio.

  • Anonymous

    what do you think the $400 million was going to pay for? improvements to reduce congestion on our freight rail lines in exchange for allowing passenger trains to use them.

    The real test will be to see how much funding is provided to the Rail Development Commission in the operating budget. They fund all kinds of logistics projects like rail spurs to industrial sites. Those kinds of partnerships between ODOD and ODOT are going to be interesting when you shut down development and make it into a private investment bank. And by interesting, I mean nonexistent.

  • Packing4FL

    Too much tongue in cheek. I think not having passenger trains in Ohio is a HUGE loss. We’ll regret it greatly when gas reaches $8/gal.

  • Anonymous

    Mark my words, gas will reach 8 dollars a gallon before this year is up . I could say a lot more, but I’m not going to.

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