What do you do when you are the communication director and reports of your boss, who is besieged with stories about an indifference to diversity, says “I don’t need your people”?

Well, if you’re Rob Nichols, you look at your $90k/yr. paycheck, thank god for convince them to give you that big raise as your starting salary and spin, spin, spin so you get this lede in Politico instead:

“Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols confirmed to POLITICO that the governor did tell Turner he didn’t need her “people,” but said he meant it in an entirely partisan way.” (emphasis added)

See? Governor Kasich is a racist jerk, he’s just a partisan jerk!

Problem solved, right?


It’s hasn’t even been a month, folks.  Nichols deserves more pay.  He may not deliver good quality, but he’s got to deliver more quantity.