What do you do when you are the communication director and reports of your boss, who is besieged with stories about an indifference to diversity, says “I don’t need your people”?

Well, if you’re Rob Nichols, you look at your $90k/yr. paycheck, thank god for convince them to give you that big raise as your starting salary and spin, spin, spin so you get this lede in Politico instead:

“Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols confirmed to POLITICO that the governor did tell Turner he didn’t need her “people,” but said he meant it in an entirely partisan way.” (emphasis added)

See? Governor Kasich is a racist jerk, he’s just a partisan jerk!

Problem solved, right?


It’s hasn’t even been a month, folks.  Nichols deserves more pay.  He may not deliver good quality, but he’s got to deliver more quantity.

  • You know, no one (except John Kasich) would argue with you that he’s overpaid. On the other hand, did you read that the RTTT money that you said Kasich might forfeit has already arrived in our state? And did you see that almost HALF- $194 MILLION- is going not to school systems but to administration, including paying for 35 new state workers? Seriously.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    what do you mean by new state workers — new teachers ?

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    all these people Kasich has put into place are over paid !!!

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    just let me add here that most of the people the new governor here has hired or his so called team has hired are double dippers from the head of the agencies to district levels — no unemployeed people here had a chance to get any of these jobs –so they are raking in tax payer money at high salaries — why are people here in Ohio not out raged?

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