Earlier this month Republicans in the State Senate rejected nearly 100 of Governor Strickland’s appointees. According to Senate President Bill Harris GOP Senate leaders discussed the appointments with Kasich’s people. As a result of these discussions they decided to reject two Democrats and one Republican who were appointed to the Ethics Commission.

Unlike most boards and commissions, which require a certain number of appointees to be unaffiliated with the majority party, the Ethics Commission specifically requires that the board be comprised composed of three Democrats and three Republicans.

ORC 102.05 Ohio ethics commission created

There is hereby created the Ohio ethics commission consisting of six members, three of whom shall be members of each of the two major political parties, to be appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate

Yesterday Kasich finally got around to making his appointments to the Ethics Commission and, in what is quickly becoming a regular occurance, he and his staff either failed to familiarize themselves with the appropriate rules for making these appointments or they failed to properly vet their candidates.

Plunderbund, of course, will be glad to help (again).

As I just mentioned, Kasich needed to appoint two Democrats and one Republican to the Ethics Commission. And checking a person’s voter registration is the typical method for determining if someone meets the statutory requirement.

One of the “Democrats” he chose was Maryann Gall, a central Ohio lawyer. According to the Franklin County Board of Elections website she is not officially a Democrat by Ohio’s standards. Instead she is “unaffiliated”.

The same thing goes for Merom Brachman. Brachman was just reappointed to an unexpired term vacancy on the Commission as the “Republican” but, just like Gall, the FCBE lists him as “unaffiliated”.

I am certainly not claiming that Gall or Brachman are professionally unqualified for this position. But it certainly does look like they are ineligible and for that oversight the blame must fall solely on John Kasich and his staff.

This is the kind of mistake that happens when you do things like appoint your unqualified, over-paid friends (yes, I’m talking about Jai Chabria) to be your Special Assistant to the Governor in charge of “Boards and Personnel”.

Yes, this obviously makes Kasich and his administration look even more incompetent and unprepared to lead the state. But the news is not all bad for our new governor. This could turn out to be a great opportunity. This could finally be a chance for John Kasich to do what he should have done a long time ago: appoint a qualified minority candidate.

I’ve heard Republicans defending Kasich’s all white appointees claiming it’s just not that easy to find a black Republican in Ohio. In this case Kasich is statutorily required to appoint a Democrat. You think maybe you can find a qualified minority Democrat in Ohio John?

Let us know if you need any help.

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  • Decker

    Find a Dem? You know Kasich would need two hands and a flashlight just to… well, you know the rest.

  • Anastasjoy

    How about Kevin Boyce? There is a person of high integrity who was unfairly trashed by the person of the lowest integrity on the Republican ticket.

    By the way, you misused the word “comprised.” Nothing can be “comprised of” anything, because “comprise” roughly means “include.”

    Nothing Kasich does surprises me. In addition to being the most corrupt administration, I believe his will also be the most incompetent. It’s laughable for him to say he is looking for the “best” people. I think his spokesperson revealed that to be a lie when he told the Dispatch that Kasich was looking for people who “think like him.”

  • guest

    Incompetant, unprepared and my fav…there are no rules ‘cuse we didn’t read them. IDIOT!

  • Just a thought….

    This might actually be a problem with the Franklin County BOE website rather than a Kasich problem. I am not sure at what point you become “unaffiliated” but I voted in the 2008 primary and haven’t voted in a primary since. I am listed on the BOE website as unaffiliated. Is there a point after you don’t vote in a primary that you lose the party designation?

    If you look at Brachman’s campaign donations it is clear that he is a Republican contributor. I would be surprised if his voting record did not reflect the same affiliation.

  • Anonymous

    Just in case John Kasich should run for re-election (heaven forbid!!!!), I can see a great bumper sticker with the following message: John Kasich = Incompetent & Unprepared! I think you’ve captured the essence of Kasich and his people.

  • Anastasjoy

    He’s already said he’s going to “fix” everything in one term and not run again. Apparently, he thinks he can plunder everything in a single term, because you know what his definition of “fixing” everything is.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    yes there are problems with (any)of the board of elections getting things right all the time — but people should check from time to time to see how they are listed- my problem with all this is Kasich and his people NEVER look at the Ohio Revised Codes — laws are in place for a reason ( hopefully to make things more fair) but one month after being sworn in we can all see he has no interest of laws — in my observations of the “unaffliated ” they ( not always) usually go to the republican side after all Ohio is listed as a republican state–if what :for the record ” says is true about the 2 people dismissed then Kasichs admisistration needs looked into — its quite obvious he isnt interested in fairness only repaying buddies at large salaries and keeping secrets — gonna be a long four years and a lot people out of work people here dont seem to realize that privitizing only gives tax payer money to companies that are more than likely home based out of Ohio — so in the end we will be feathering another states coffers — wait and watch —
    we should all be writing our congress people telling them they should also be reading the Ohio Revised Codes — they dont seem to be correcting the governor on his screw ups– how many are there now ?

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    New ethics issue?
    Columbus Dispatch has new article posted on pension funds.
    Wachtmann says : “He said he also hopes to go after pension double-dippers – public employees who retire and collect pensions, and then find other government jobs and get those salaries, too – although that practice should decrease as retirement ages rise.”
    so exactly what does this mean — he will go after them ? that would leave a lot vacancies in Kasichs picks wouldnt it– then says it will decrease as ages rise–and this means what I ask?
    so wonder what creative writing will let these people already double dipping do —
    I imagine they can all stay until Kasichs 4 years are up
    so really ,he probably is doing nothing
    so we as taxpayers are getting ripped off
    I dont think that double dippers( people already retired) are paying anything but taxes — the benefits they recieve ( healthcare ) has already been paid for –
    they do not pay into retirement seeing as they already have their pension in tact( so the pension funds arent growing due to there contributions )
    they are simply taking jobs others could apply for and taking jobs from the younger people coming along ( most have invested in degrees of sorts )
    there are several double dippers where I am —
    I challenge the Dispatch to find out how many double dippers have been hired state wide —
    bet we never hear an answer and I bet the double dippers in this administration will not be bothered
    double dippers should have to cut their pension checks while they are working( usually at their old jobs )

  • Columbusite

    Par for the course from Gov. KKKasich.

  • >>By the way, you misused the word “comprised.” Nothing can be “comprised of” anything, because “comprise” roughly means “include.”

    I refudiate that objection. Irregardless of the nit-pickers who love to prioritize their bugaboos, language is often a few steps ahead of the purists.

    I know: I’m a purist who objects to “I graduated from XYZ.” No, you didn’t. You are a graduate of XYZ, yur were graduated from, and XYZ graduated you. But you didn’t graduate or graduate from anything.

    But I sure have lost that one, haven’t I?

  • As a language purist you are certainly correct. However this idiomatic usage is common enough to have made it’s way into the Dictionary

    “Since the late 19th century it has also been used in passive constructions with a sense synonymous with that of one of its original meanings β€œto consist of, be composed of ”: The United States of America is comprised of 50 states. These later uses are often criticized, but they occur with increasing frequency even in formal speech and writing. ”

    I’ll just consider myself a trend setter for the new usage. πŸ™‚

  • D. Abus

    I’ll just have to refudiate that usage

  • The funny thing here is that I am usually the one whining about mistakes like this!

    Good catch though. It’s what I get for editing my posts while drinking bourbon and trying to ignore CNN.

    I changed it to “composed”. I hope everyone is happy with that choice.

  • GLY

    What, you didn’t get his message that he doesn’t need “you people”? Democrats that is. Yeh right.

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  • Kathy Berus

    As a white, Caucasian, over 40 female who has resided in the State of Ohio the majority of my life and in the USA all of my life; I find it sad that the perception that only a person of color represents the interests of “all the people”.
    I personnally do not believe that President Obama is white, Caucasian, over 40 female – so are you concluding then that he does not represent my interests? Please reply with your interpretation of his views, values, and beliefs regarding health and safety issues to protect our country, education for our futures and those of our children, and jobs that help all of us be self- sufficient and contributing citizens to our communities and nation. Imagine if I had not served my local communities as a Board Chair and I am not of color. I believe that is a bias on the part of someone who is looking only with their eyes and not the HEART OF OHIO that needs to be put back in our beloved State of Ohio and City of Columbus. I continue to support and respect all our leadership and will agree to disagree with their viewpoints on specific issues. However, just for me to say that because they are not all the same categories as I am in the boxes on the standardized form does not make them incapable of handling the needs of success to lead and serve the people.
    Thank you for your interest in the concerns for all of us.

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