Earlier this month Republicans in the State Senate rejected nearly 100 of Governor Strickland’s appointees. According to Senate President Bill Harris GOP Senate leaders discussed the appointments with Kasich’s people. As a result of these discussions they decided to reject two Democrats and one Republican who were appointed to the Ethics Commission.

Unlike most boards and commissions, which require a certain number of appointees to be unaffiliated with the majority party, the Ethics Commission specifically requires that the board be comprised composed of three Democrats and three Republicans.

ORC 102.05 Ohio ethics commission created

There is hereby created the Ohio ethics commission consisting of six members, three of whom shall be members of each of the two major political parties, to be appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate

Yesterday Kasich finally got around to making his appointments to the Ethics Commission and, in what is quickly becoming a regular occurance, he and his staff either failed to familiarize themselves with the appropriate rules for making these appointments or they failed to properly vet their candidates.

Plunderbund, of course, will be glad to help (again).

As I just mentioned, Kasich needed to appoint two Democrats and one Republican to the Ethics Commission. And checking a person’s voter registration is the typical method for determining if someone meets the statutory requirement.

One of the “Democrats” he chose was Maryann Gall, a central Ohio lawyer. According to the Franklin County Board of Elections website she is not officially a Democrat by Ohio’s standards. Instead she is “unaffiliated”.

The same thing goes for Merom Brachman. Brachman was just reappointed to an unexpired term vacancy on the Commission as the “Republican” but, just like Gall, the FCBE lists him as “unaffiliated”.

I am certainly not claiming that Gall or Brachman are professionally unqualified for this position. But it certainly does look like they are ineligible and for that oversight the blame must fall solely on John Kasich and his staff.

This is the kind of mistake that happens when you do things like appoint your unqualified, over-paid friends (yes, I’m talking about Jai Chabria) to be your Special Assistant to the Governor in charge of “Boards and Personnel”.

Yes, this obviously makes Kasich and his administration look even more incompetent and unprepared to lead the state. But the news is not all bad for our new governor. This could turn out to be a great opportunity. This could finally be a chance for John Kasich to do what he should have done a long time ago: appoint a qualified minority candidate.

I’ve heard Republicans defending Kasich’s all white appointees claiming it’s just not that easy to find a black Republican in Ohio. In this case Kasich is statutorily required to appoint a Democrat. You think maybe you can find a qualified minority Democrat in Ohio John?

Let us know if you need any help.