Despite it being my birthday (thanks for not remembering, btw), I kiss my three-year-old son on his forehead and my wife and made the nearly two hour drive to testify in opposition to Governor Kasich’s JobsOhio plan.

Attached is a copy of my prepared remarks:

BRH Opponent Testimony to JobsOhio

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  • Adrienne Knight

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brian!! Hope you have an excellent day!

  • Happy Birthday, Modern! Hope your testimony went well. Did they even bother to ask you questions?

  • Anonymous

    Very nice presentation, Modern, articulate, clear, and easy to understand. How tragic that it will fall on deaf ears because they have already made up their minds what they want to do — and it isn’t about creating jobs or improving the economy, it’s about stealing our tax money to reward their friends and donors. And unfortunately, you can’t reason that away, because it’s an unreasonable and criminal goal.

  • Walbridge Rocks

    I hope they were listening to you rather than counting there money.

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  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately for you, the I.G. role in my analysis was correct… then they amended the bill. The LSC had to correct Kvamme in his assertion that the Auditors (and Auditor David Yost’s as well) that under the bill he MUST audit the use of public funds. It’s, at best, optional.

  • Halloween Jack

    Did you even read the bill? Probably about as closely as the Republicans voting on it. Idiots.

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