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As I was leaving today’s JobsOhio hearing, I ran into several dozen protestors from SCLC marching around the Statehouse protesting the lack of diversity in John Kasich’s Administration. 

Meanwhile, the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus held a press conference in which they protested the lack of diversity in Kasich. (Source: Marc Kovac at Ohio Capitol Blog).

State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) talks about a recent caucus meeting with the Governor in which Senator Turner offered to assist Governor Kasich in finding quality candidates of color for his Administration, Governor Kasich replied:

“I don’t need your people.”—Gov. John Kasich

According to ONN’s Jim Heath, Governor Kasich’s office confirmed that Governor Kasich made the comment to Senator Turner, but insisted that he meant he was referring to Turner’s political party, not race.

Yeah, right.  This is the same guy who cited the fact that he’s married to a woman and has two daughters as his commitment to gender equality.

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