In its current form the JobsOhio proposal, which passed out of the Finance and Appropriations Committee today in HB1, is a complete slap in the face to transparency, ethics and accountability standards that we expect from any group or people who will be handling OUR money.

During yesterday’s (and today’s) hearings on HB1 the Democrats introduced a series of amendments that would have helped, at least a little, plug some of this bill’s gaping holes. Each and every one was tabled by the Republicans.

  • Fedor – require financial disclosure by employees
  • Clyde – prohibit incentives to companies that donate to political campaigns
  • Lundy – require JobsOhio to comply with existing open meetings and public records laws
  • Clyde – requires disclosure of sources of funds contributed to JobsOhio, filing with SOS
  • Fedor – adds small business, local government, school districts and minority business to board
  • Celeste – requires Controlling Board approval of contracts, grants, loans
  • Lundy – prohibit bonuses to employees or officers of Jobs Ohio
  • Fedor – creates Division of Minority & Small Business Development
  • Celeste – allows Inspector General to investigate without a complaint

No wonder the Republicans tabled these amendments. How could they ever support restrictions on secret bonuses or expect real financial disclosure, open meetings, publicly available records and rules to prevent no pay-to-play?

How dare those Democrats expect their government to be transparent and accountable.


Note: They did end up passing a much weaker version of Celeste’s bill that requires a complaint before the IG can investigate.

Thanks again to Marc Kovac for providing real-time coverage of the hearings on Twitter.